Shaping the future of business, analytical CO-san!

1. Can you tell me about your current position?
I work as a business analyst on an APAC-wide team for J-company, which specializes in technology and equipment for building operations. My team is charged with delivering solutions within Salesforce to improve the sales and marketing efforts of the company. As a business analyst, I work to bridge the divide between developers for the solutions previously mentioned and its users.
2. What do you enjoy most about it?
I would say my team. I have a great team. They are very open to feedback and we have a communicative environment where we can freely share ideas. Apart from that, I like that this position is a great opportunity for me to contribute in shaping the future of this particular business. Currently, the company is undergoing many business transformations, both domestically and globally, on how they deploy sales and marketing activities. I think these are the two aspects I enjoy most about this position.
3. Why did you decide to join Skillhouse as a working staff?
The better questions is, why did Skillhouse decide to hire me? (Laughs) Well, I was actually introduced to Skillhouse through a friend. My friend knew I was looking for new opportunities, and he mentioned that Skillhouse was easy to work with and that he had a good experience with the staff. He suggested I reach out, so I ended up contacting one of the coordinators. My coordinator had robust industry knowledge, and I felt I could talk freely with him and express myself openly, which lead me to want to continue working with the Skillhouse team.
4. Did you have any reservations about joining as a temporary staff versus a permanent employee? If so, what are they?
At the moment, I don’t have any reservations about temporary work. When looking at it from a supply and demand perspective, it’s easy to see how these laws ultimately guide and govern all business sectors. Depending on the supply and demand for your skills, the reality is that a good number of us will have to work as temporary employees while others will work as permanent employees. Regardless of the type of employment, it’s ultimately up to you to work towards your goals to get what you want. The way I see it, I’ve been given a good opportunity and I’m making the most out of my situation.
5. Do you think there are benefits of working as a temporary staff versus a permanent employee? If so, what are they?
I think most people would say that paid overtime is one of the large benefits of temporary work versus permanent work. In my personal opinion, however, I think you should be compensated for overtime regardless of whether you are a permanent or temporary staff; although that’s unfortunately not the reality at the moment.
6. How is the working life different? How does the pay compare?
I’m actually the only Haken staff on my team. There isn’t that much overtime required of me, so I would say my work life balance is pretty good. There are of course differences in benefits, but that’s to be expected. At the moment, I’m just focusing my energy on acquiring skills that are in high demand and are sought after in this industry. After all, once I gain more experience, there may be more room for negotiation on my end.
7. Are there any downfalls of working as a temporary staff?
I haven’t experienced anything negative so far.
8. How are your relationships with the other employees at the company you are placed at?
I think I have good relations with my team. I hope my teammates would say the same (laughs). It’s been great. I feel like my team really embraces an open style of communication, so if things aren’t running smoothly or aren’t going as planned, we are comfortable enough to speak up and provide our own input and suggestions. The other thing I’m thankful for, is that I have a great manager. He’s very receptive, and I enjoy working with him.
9. How has your experience been so far with the Skillhouse personnel team? Do you have any feedback for us?
My experience has been excellent. Great team. I appreciate their flexible work approach and good communication. They’ve provided helpful guidance and support during my time at Skillhouse so far.
10. What advice would you give to anyone considering “Haken” work with Skillhouse?
My advice would be to first access the Skillhouse website and check out the jobs posted to see what positions your skillset matches and mark the ones that interest you. I would also suggest researching a little about the candidate coordinators within Skillhouse via LinkedIn. Prepare your resume ahead of time and be sure to tailor your resume to each unique opportunity. The best resume is one that truly reflects who you are and is honest. Also, when talking with your coordinator, talk about what you want and be flexible, be open, and be yourself. Lastly, my final piece of advice, is to be or remain hungry for self-actualization and self-growth. This can only help you improve yourself and further your career.

Comment from Personnel

In Personnel, it has been a pleasure to support you, CO, and we appreciate your thorough and thoughtful approach to work. We understand are you just beginning your career in Japan so it can take time to understand some administrative processes, but you always ask the right questions and are a quick learner. We hope this is a great next step for your career, and Skillhouse is honored to be a part of it!