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Why use Skillhouse to Find IT Professionals

Skillhouse will spend time to understand your true needs and find the best IT professional within your timeframe and budget to meet your business needs.

Find an IT Professional

Skillhouse Can Accommodate Your IT Staffing Needs

Our excellent staff are committed to making sure our clients have access to the best IT talent, on-time and within budget. We are flexible to our client’s requirements and market fluctuations.

Temporary Staffing
Short-term and long-term staffing services on an hourly/monthly fee basis. Temporary assignments range from three-month to one-year renewable contracts, depending on your project, support and business needs. We are committed to flexibility to ensure your business requirements are met.
Permanent Placement
We provide permanent placement services based on the skills and qualifications required by our clients. To ensure the proper fit, our due diligence and screening processes guarantees that our staff not only possess the required skills and qualifications, but also have the personality and work ethic that make a lasting and mutually beneficial match.
Temp-to Perm-Service
Temp-to-Perm (Shokai Yotei Haken) services may be the optimal solution if you are hoping to try-out staff for up to six (6) months. Then, if both parties are in agreement, the staff can be hired by your company. This minimizes risk and gives you the opportunity to assess staff in a real work environment before committing to a permanent employment decision.
Group Staffing
We provide group (multiple) staffing solutions that cover your entire project, department or service line to ensure costs are managed effectively and to ensure that skill set standards are maintained. By utilizing our group staffing solutions, our clients receive the best staff on a full-service engagement.
Outsourcing Services
We offer managed staffing solutions that cover support, desktop support and network administration services based on a turn-key solution. We work extensively with our clients to ensure service level agreements are implemented and managed effectively, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

Specialty IT Staffing

Skillhouse provides IT staffing services based on your needs. By focusing all of our resources on this area, we are able to apply best-of-breed due diligence, testing, qualifying and matching methodologies to make sure our clients have the best IT talent available. By focusing all of our efforts on supporting and advancing the careers of our working staff, we are able to maintain the best available talent in the marketplace. This, along with our flexible staffing services, allows our clients to enjoy best-of-breed staffing solutions. Job areas that we service include:

  • Application Developers
  • Programmers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Managers
  • Proprietary Software Support Professionals
  • Software Analysts
  • Software Integration Engineers
  • Database Administrators (DBAs)
  • IT Managers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Designers
  • LAN/WAN Specialists
  • Systems Security Specialists
  • Systems Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • System Integration Professionals
  • Desktop Support Engineers
  • Help Desk Support Engineers
  • Office Application Support Professionals
  • Desk Side Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Help Desk Operators
  • Business Application Support Professionals
  • IT Managers

Four-tier Process

In order to optimize all of our resources including internal staff, market segment and candidate attraction, Skillhouse has established a four-tier order fulfillment process to ensure swift and efficient action is taken on all client orders and registered candidates.

Marketing & Recruitment
Recruiting Activities, Resume Pre-Screening and Marketing Activities
Candidate Coordinator
Interviewing, Qualifying and Matching
Account Executive
New Business Development, Account Management and Client Service
Sales Facilitation, Working Staff Support and Training

Skillhouse Differentiation Points and Original Service

We strongly believe we are the best IT and IT administration support staffing firm in Japan based on our firm commitment to our clients, working staff and candidates. Our core differentiation points include:

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients. By providing short and long-term staffing services, and placement and right-to-hire services, we are able to fulfill all client requirements; moreover, by offering group staffing and outsourcing services, we are able to partner with our clients to make sure that their business is successful. Flexibility is the heart of Skillhouse’s services.
Scope of Services
In addition to the wide array of staffing solutions, we are able to adapt our services based on market changes and unique client requirements. We work together with our clients creating screening and testing services to make sure that every candidate introduced to our clients meet all necessary requirements. This guarantees client satisfaction and ensures our clients are not wasting valuable time meeting unsuitable candidates. Other services offered to ensure our client’s time is preserved are the use of our monthly timesheet approval systems, as well as our commitment to providing ongoing training services for all working staff.
Our Working Staff and Candidates
Our focus is to provide support and advancement for both technology and administrative support professionals. By focusing on providing our staff with the best support, coaching and training, our staff are among the most prepared and skilled professionals in the marketplace.
Dedicated Teams
To ensure complete success, we have established a four-tier support and fulfillment process to meet the dynamic staffing needs of our clients. We incorporate the latest technology to obtain effective solutions within recruitment, candidate selection, client management and consulting, and to provide on-going staff management and support.
Business and Industry Knowledge
Key to providing the best services possible to our clients is our dedication to employing the best client managers and recruiters in the industry. Not only do all of our internal staff have years of IT staffing experience, but also they possess years of industry knowledge that adds value to our clients. By having an in-depth understanding of our clients’ industries and special requirements, we are able to offer solutions that are the best match, the most cost-effective, and within the best time frame.
Everyone at Skillhouse is passionate about providing our clients with the best staff and our candidates with the best opportunities possible.

Choose Skillhouse. You will see the difference.