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Welcome! We are delighted to offer all of our Skillhouse working staff and registered candidates access to on-going education programs to ensure you continuously gain new skills. Acquiring new skills and experience are the building blocks to a successful career. In line with our corporate philosophy, we are focused on not only finding you the best career opportunity at above market compensation, but to also ensure you continuously grow. As a result, our team continues to work extremely hard to find the best combination of career development tools, training programs and reference materials.

Skillhouse University is divided into three main categories: IT Training, Business Training and Language Training. Please review the courses and click apply to any course that suits your needs or interests. New courses are offered every term (Spring, Summer and Fall), so please check our course offerings often. We are proud to offer these additional benefits?

Welcome to Skillhouse University!

IT Training
What could we say if we did not offer IT training as this is the life blood of our business. Hundreds of sponsored and discounted IT courses await you!
Business Training
As economies become increasingly global, companies are looking for IT professionals to not only have the IT skills and experience, but also an understanding of business within particular industries or skill functions. As a result, we have selected courses that will provide you the skills to get that next great career opportunity or to excel in your current organization.
Language Training
Globalization has created the need to have bilingual skilled employees. We are proud to offer language programs that are taught in a professional business environment that is focused on increasing your communication effectiveness.

Skillhouse University courses are a combination of in-house, on/off-site and partnerships with professional training schools and universities. All courses indicate if they are free or are fee based. Please note that in the event the courses are fee based and are taught at one of our partner facilities, Skillhouse working staff and registered candidates enjoy heavily discounted tuitions and entry fees that are not offered elsewhere. Be it Skillhouse sponsored tuition-free courses or discounted partner courses; you can be assured that you have access to training as part of your Skillhouse benefit program!

Skillhouse University IT Training School, Business School and University Partners