Terms of Service

Skillhouse Staffing Solutions K.K. Terms of Service

By using Skillhouse Staffing Solutions K.K. (hereinafter referred to as “Skillhouse”) services, you are indicating that you have read the Terms of Service, and understand and consent to be bound by all the terms and provisions of this agreement.

Article 1 (Definition)
  1. "Service" is the general term used for all services managed and provided by Skillhouse and any services related to Skillhouse.
  2. "Registrant" is the general term used for those who have agreed to these Terms of Service, have applied to register with Skillhouse, and have been accepted by Skillhouse.
  3. The registrant indicates they accept the contents of this agreement at the time of the completion of their registration.

Article 2 (Registration Procedure and Reviewing of Application for Registration)
  1. Skillhouse will recognize applications for registration from those who have submitted their personal information as per guided instruction.
  2. Skillhouse will review the application for registration. In the case that Skillhouse decides the application is adequate for duties, which Skillhouse will refer to the applicant, and accepts the application, the registration regarding the applicant will be deemed complete.
  3. Skillhouse reserves the right to refuse an application for registration if it deems that the registrant is not adequate for the duties by reviewing all provided information. Skillhouse does not need to answer questions related to this judgement.

Article 3 (ID and Password)
  1. Certain Services offered on the Skillhouse website may require an account. The registrant may create an account by registering an ID and password.
  2. The registrant will be entirely responsible for the use and management of their ID, password, and the confidentiality of the information held on the account.
  3. The registrant shall not allow third parties to use their ID, password, or account at any time. The registrant is prohibited from leasing and/or selling their account.
  4. The registrant will be held liable for any damage or loss incurred due to third party usage of their ID, password, or account. Skillhouse will not be liable for any damage or loss arising from the registrant's failure to comply with these obligations.

Article 4 (Notification of Changes)
Registrants must notify Skillhouse if there is any change in the registered information, including but not limited to name and contact information. The registrant will be held responsible for any damage incurred due to neglect in changing registered information in a timely manner, or failure to notify Skillhouse.

Article 5 (Service)
  1. Skillhouse has the right to suspend Service without prior notice or consent under the following circumstances:
    1. In the event of periodical system maintenance, updates, or emergencies.
    2. In the event of damage due to virus, fire, power failure, natural disasters, or similar that renders Skillhouse unable to provide Service.
    3. In the event of a sudden system failure.
    4. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances that render Skillhouse unable to provide Service.
  2. In addition to the above circumstances, Skillhouse retains the right to suspend or terminate Service to a registrant, provided a one week notice is given. In the case of suspension or termination, Skillhouse may maintain the information entered on the registrant's page, which the registrant can access by entering their ID and password. Skillhouse will not be obliged to forward any unread or unsent messages to the registrant or any third party.
  3. The registrant will be responsible for any internet service provider fees and line fees when accessing the Service.

Article 6 (Prohibited Acts)
Registrants are prohibited from the following acts when using Skillhouse Services.
  1. Acts of registering with falsified information.
  2. Acts of committing slander against other registrants and/or third parties.
  3. Acts that violate copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights of other registrants and/or third parties.
  4. Acts of infringement against the property, honor, privacy, and portrait rights, etc. of other users and/or third parties.
  5. Acts of using information acquired through Skillhouse Services beyond the scope of private use such as copying, selling, and/or publishing the information.
  6. Acts of using Skillhouse Services for commercial use, solicitation, or sales activities.
  7. Acts that hinder the operation of Skillhouse Services, or may damage the credibility of Skillhouse.
  8. Acts related to criminal behavior.
  9. Acts that disrupt public order.
  10. Posting or sending information, files, or software that may corrupt or damage computers such as viruses and malware.
  11. Attempting to illegally access Service, accounts, and/or computer systems connected to Skillhouse Service and the Skillhouse network by password guessing, hacking, or other means.
  12. Any illegal, criminal, or immoral acts.
  13. Any other acts that Skillhouse deems inappropriate.

Article 7 (Responsibilities of Registrant)
  1. The registrant shall use Skillhouse Services by their own will and shall use the Service in accordance to the guidance and instruction given by Skillhouse.
  2. The registrant will be held responsible for information entered by himself/herself and any registered content.
  3. The information obtained based on use of the Service are to be used within the scope of Skillhouse Services and shall not be disclosed to other registrants or any third parties.
  4. The registrant will assume all responsibility for using the Services.

Article 8 (Information Handling・Personally Identifiable Information)
  1. Skillhouse will not disclose to any third party, including companies seeking workers, any information with which the registrant can be identified (including but not limited to: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, work experience [hereinafter: the "Personally Identifiable Information"]) without that registrant's consent.
  2. Skillhouse may contact the registrant by e-mail, direct mail, telephone, et cetera in providing the Service to him/her. The registrant also agrees to receive periodic correspondence from Skillhouse.
  3. Skillhouse retains the right to release information related to the usage of Skillhouse Services, excluding Personally Identifiable Information, to editorial, publishing, and media companies that are granted permission from Skillhouse.
  4. Skillhouse retains the right to release information related to the usage of Skillhouse Services, excluding Personally Identifiable Information, on websites managed by Skillhouse, as well as editorials, magazine articles, and other published items.

Article 9 (Usage of Registered Information)
Skillhouse may disclose registered information under the following circumstances:
  1. In the case where the registrant gives permission to clarify personal information.
  2. In the case where the registrant himself/herself is identified by the entered contents other than the personally identifiable information.
  3. In the case where a registrant causes damage to a third party such as Skillhouse and/or Skillhouse's client companies, or in the case where there is a risk of damage when reporting to or informing related parties and organizations.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)
Skillhouse is not responsible for any damage arising from the registration and use of Skillhouse Services, including but not limited to mental distress or financial loss.

Article 11 (Termination)
In the case that Skillhouse determines the registrant has violated these Terms or has acted inappropriately, Skillhouse will suspend Services without prior notice to the registrant, and may terminate Services with the registrant. Even in the event that Skillhouse terminates Services with a registrant, Skillhouse retains the right to press legal charges and claim damages if necessary.

Article 12 (Cancellation of Registration)
The registrant may request Skillhouse at any time to delete the information which he/she has provided to Skillhouse at the time of applying for Services, in addition to the Personally Identifiable Information in Skillhouse's register, and to cease delivery of various kinds of mail magazines to him/her.

Article 13 (Change in Terms of Service)
Skillhouse has the right to change these Terms at any time without the consent of the registrant. The details of the change shall be displayed on the Skillhouse website for one month after the change has occurred.

Article 14 (Compensation for Damages)
In the case where the registrant breaches these Terms and Skillhouse incurs damage, the registrant will be obligated to compensate for any damages (directly or indirectly) caused to Skillhouse.

Article 15 (Jurisdiction)
The Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance for any disputes arising of or in connection with these Terms.

Article 16 (Governing Law)
The Law of Japan shall be applied when interpreting these Terms.

Article 17 (Copyright)
All contents posted on this website are owned by Skillhouse. It is prohibited to use the contents for purposes other than personal use without written permission from Skillhouse.

Article 18 (Bylaw)
The Terms of Service are in effect from December 1, 2004.