Registration Policy

Skillhouse Client Requirements
  • Any and all information regarding employment opportunities with Skillhouse’s clients, as well as other specific proprietary information obtained during Skillhouse registration, Skillhouse meetings, Skillhouse client orientations, shall remain strictly confidential.
  • You will not apply for employment opportunities (specific roles at specific companies) referred to you by Skillhouse, either directly or through a third party. This does not apply to roles already applied to prior to introduction by Skillhouse.

  1. Skillhouse is required by all clients to conduct a professional reference check. The process will be explained in detail during the initial registration meeting.
  2. Skillhouse will not contact your referee without your approval.
  3. The reference process will commence once there is a client meeting request.
  4. The information obtained by Skillhouse during the reference check will be used uniquely for the intended purpose and for internal use only.

Certifications, Diplomas and Status of Residence
  1. You may be asked to provide proof of any certifications, diplomas and status of residence in Japan relevant to your applied positions and listed on your resume.

  1. You confirm that you are physically and mentally capable to perform the job requirements of the positions you will be applying for.

Managing Your Personal Information
  1. The contact information queries related to your Personal Information registered at Skillhouse is Tomoecho Annex Bldg. No. 2, 3-8-27 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 (Tel: 03-5408-5070; Email: Please contact us at any time if you have questions regarding the handling of your Personal Information, would like to request disclosure or deletion of Personal Information we have associated with your registration, or to direct complaints regarding handling of Personal Information. Skillhouse is Privacy Mark-accredited and complies with all government regulations regarding Personal Information.