The very essence of fashion is to be forward-thinking and new. This makes the use of technology in fashion a perfect fit. We are moving swiftly to an age of FashionTech where the clothes we wear have technology woven into the very fabric of the garment.

As chatbots become more sophisticated and machine learning enables sideward steps between pre-set medical assessment algorithms, could chatbots save time and money by triaging patients before connecting them with the right specialist, wherever they are in the world?

For centuries, medicine has been at the forefront of technological advancement, leading the way in clinical research, evidence-based practice, and the continuous development and refinement of tools and processes. However, when it comes to adopting IT, healthcare authorities can lag behind.

As the global population rises exponentially, the ability to provide essential resources is reaching crisis point. With an inherent obligation to provide for the basic needs of our species, world powers are facing the challenge of producing food on a massive scale. We are at the start of a new agricultural revolution; smart farming for the future of the human race.

The smart home technology market will be worth $151 billion by 2024.
It looks like our homes are on the road to hyper-connected, but what kind of devices will become resident with us and what impact might this have on our lives?

Good health is vitally important and as our technology gets smarter, will our health get smart too? Can we use smart technology to help us prevent premature deaths? And, can technology help to make chronic illness a thing of the past, in a world where the population keeps on growing?

Human beings are a visual species. We love to look, see, and visualize, our imaginations filling in the gaps. Technology is reflecting this, with services that utilize images and video seeing popularity soar. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are taking full advantage of our love of the visual.

In the film of the sci-fi novel, “Minority Report”, the idea of predicting “future crimes” was explored. One of the interesting things about the film was that it showed how biometrics would be used in a future world. The film was made in 2002. And now, 17 years later, it looks like the predictions of the film and book are coming to fruition.

ルーマニア発祥で2017年に日本法人を設立し急成長中RPAベンダーのUiPath。今話題の日本経済成長に不可欠な働き方改革、生産性向上に関わるRPAということで、業界に注目している方は多いと思います。スキルハウスを通してUiPathに転職された中田浩暁氏に、Job Descriptionからでは読み取れない会社やチームの雰囲気などをお伺いしました。

スキルハウスでは、楽天株式会社 のECカンパニーにおける採用強化に伴いスペシャルインタビューを行いました。楽天株式会社 ECカンパニーの小林様に、ECカンパニーのサービス内容や求める人物像、オフィスの雰囲気や英語使用頻度等、普段面接前にはなかなか聞けない内容までお答えいただいております。ぜひご覧いただき、会社・ポジションへの理解を深めていただきたいと思っております。