Senior Datacenter Engineer

Job Type
9,000,000 JPY - 13,000,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A leading Internet service company is hiring a Senior Datacenter Engineer. They have more than 70 businesses worldwide spanning e-commerce, digital content, communications and fintech, bringing together more than 1.2 billion members across the world. They have a diversified workforce made up of talented employees from more than 70 countries and regions.


- Review existing data center facilities and operations to meet industry best practices
- Manage the construction and procurement of equipment, technology strategies and operational process standardization for data centers
- Create, maintain, and modify physical infrastructure related documents
- Develop a solution to fully utilize the physical infrastructure capacity
- Collaborate with internal stakeholders to deliver project support





- データセンターの運用と改善、戦略策定業務

- データセンター内での工事の管理、標準化の推進業務

- データセンター関連ドキュメントの作成、レビュー、修正業務

- データセンターの効率的な利用を目指したキャパシティー管理業務

- 各関係者と連携を取りつつ、データセンター内でのプロジェクト管理業務


【会社概要 | Company Details】

Our client is a large global Internet service company that has enjoyed sustained growth as they continue to expand their business in various new areas and industries. This is a great opportunity to work in a diverse and international environment in Japan. Our client actively strives to be an equal opportunity employer, and they have many female and foreign nationals in upper management positions. Their brand has also gained global recognition as they sponsor some of the world's most famous sports teams. Our client prides themselves in providing a comfortable working environment for their employees. Engineers are welcome to choose their own setup (Windows/Mac, etc.); whatever makes them comfortable! Free meals are also provided at the company cafeteria. Their chefs work to create exciting new menus and dishes, so employees never get tired of the food!
【就業時間 | Working Hours】
Flex (7.5 hours a day with core time 11:00-15:00)
*When there is Asakai (usually Monday morning), the core time is 8:00-12:00
【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays
【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】
各種社会保険完備(厚生年金保険、健康保険、労災保険、雇用保険)、 屋内原則禁煙(屋外に喫煙所あり)、 通勤交通費支給等
Social insurance, No smoking indoors allowed (Designated smoking area), Commutation Fee covered up to 20,000 JPY per month, Free breakfast, lunch and dinner, Casual clothes is acceptable

Required Skills

- Experience in managing a datacenter site operation team in a 24x7 environment with some hands on experience

- Experience in managing project inside datacenter space

- Vendor management experience (reviewing work quality and cost and manage delivery)

- Understandings of datacenter facilities and be able to review documents provided by the data center providers

- Basic understandings with network and Linux


- データセンター利用者としての運用・構築経験

- データセンター内でのプロジェクトマネージメント経験

- ベンダーマネジメント(作業品質、コスト、スケジュールなど)

- データセンター事業者が提出する技術資料を理解、レビューすることが可能な知識と経験

- ネットワーク、Linuxの基本的な知識

Preferred Skills

- Past experience in realizing new design from idea, concept, development, through deployment and construction

- Past experience with developing various vendor quotes and manage ordering procedures

- Past experience with datacenter operation management and activities to improve work quality and operational efficiency

- Deep knowledge with fiber and copper cabling design and operations

- Experience in CAD software

- Ability to think outside of the box to realize innovative ideas to reduce costs keeping the various requirements and standards


- データセンターの設計、構築、運用の豊富な経験(建物、空調、電力)

- 施工業者との見積もり、受発注手続きに関連する各種調整業務

- データセンターに従事するオペレータの業務管理および業務品質や業務効率の改善活動

- データセンターのLANや光配線に関するケーブリングの知識

- CADの使用経験

- 様々な要件と基準を維持しつつコストを削減する革新的なアイデアを実現するために、既成概念にとらわれずに考える能力