IT Manager (Architecture Team)

Job Type
12,000,000 JPY - 16,500,000 JPY per year (negotiable based on experience)
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


Wonderful Opportunity at a leading global insurance company and with a talented group of professionals in the Japan office.

The successful candidate work with Chief Information Security Office (CISO) / Chief Architect (CA) to ensure the company's architecture strategy is aligned with the Group/Company business strategy.

‐ Assist CISO/CA and IT management team regarding strategic architectural decisions
‐ Define, maintain, and improve the Target Architecture, Architecture Roadmap and Blueprints that follow the long-term business strategy
‐ Specify, refine, update and make available a formal approach to implement solutions, necessary to develop and operate the IS architecture
‐ Identify change requirements and the components involved: hardware, software, applications, processes, information and technology platform
‐ Maintain alignment between business evolution and technology developments
‐ Build and contribute to a Design Authority that together with Governance and Security functions and ensures that business and IT initiatives are aligned with the architectural vision and roadmap
‐ Provide leadership to the architecture team, encompassing Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture functions

【Selling Points of This Position】
The company is undergoing a transformation to Agile way of working and adoption of cloud technology. Architecture plays a vital part in ensuring the investments being made are in line with business vision and strategy. In line with our Vision 2020, architecture should drive the change by creating a solid foundation for the rest of the IT organization."

【Career Path】
Chief Architect is the most likely position for the candidate to advance to in next several years.



‐ CISO・CA及びITマネージメントチームへ戦略的なアークテクチャ決定のためのサポート
‐ 長期的なビジネス戦略に沿ったターゲットアーキテクチャ、アーキテクチャロードマップ及びブループリントの定義、保守、改善
‐ ISアーキテクチャ開発及び運用導入に向けたソリューションの特定、改良、更新
‐ 変更要件と関連するコンポーネントの特定;ハードウェア、ソフトウェア、アプリケーション、プロセス、情報及び技術プラットフォーム
‐ ビジネスの進化と技術開発面における調整
‐ ビジネスとITイニシアチブにおいてアーキテクチャビジョンとロードマップの整合性を図るためのうガバナンス、セキュリティ機能

アジャイル化に向け、同社ではクラウドテクノロジーへの転換期にあり、ビジネスビジョンと戦略に則ったアーキテクチャの確保を重要としています。Vision 2020のもとアーキテクチャによりIT全体の強固な基盤を確立することにより変化を促進していくというポジションです。


【会社概要 | Company Details】
A leading global insurance company with a talented group of professionals in the Japan office.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:00 - 17:00(Mon - Fri)

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays

【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】
Social insurance, Transportation Fee, etc.

Required Skills

‐ Good hands-on working experience in IT technology (infrastructure, development, security) and affinity for new technology
‐ Knowledge of agile/devops way of working
‐ Knowledge of architectural principles and frameworks
‐ Extensive understanding of the financial and/or insurance business and related technology needs

‐ ITテクノロジー(インフラ、開発、セキュリティ)の経験や新しいテクノロジーへの熱意
‐ アジャイル・DevOpsの知識
‐ アーキテクチャの原則及びフレームワークの知識
‐ 金融又は保険事業に関連するテクノロジーニーズの理解

Preferred Skills

‐ Professional certification (TOGAF or similar)
‐ Working experience in an international setting, willingness to travel for international meetups and conferences as participant and/or presenter

‐ TOGAFなどの資格
‐ 国際環境での経験;海外出張可能な方