Backend Development Manager (Mall)

Job Type
8,000,000 JPY - 12,000,000 JPY per year (Depends on experience)
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


One of the leading e-commerce companies in the world is looking for a Backend Development Manager. Their mission is to empower people and society through the internet while aiming at becoming the Global Innovation Company.

For this position, you will be managing backend platform development for frontend web and mobile application services.

‐ Standardization, planning, promotion and automation of frontend API Gateway development using OSS and internal libraries.
‐ Lead selection, verification, and implementation of technology and architecture for medium to long term IT strategy.
‐ Manage the training and development of new employees; motivation management, assignment management.

Backend Platform team for WEB frontend/applications:
‐ Around 15 engineers
‐ Multinational environment
‐ English required for communication


‐ OSS、内製ライブラリを利用したFrontend 向けAPI Gateway開発の標準化、策定、推進、自動化
‐ 中長期視点での技術・アーキテクチャの選定、検証、実装のリード
‐ 若手の育成・モチベーション管理・アサイン管理

‐ Webフロントエンド・アプリ向けのバックエンド技術基盤チーム
‐ 計15人程度のエンジニア(全員外国籍)
‐ コミュニケーションは英語

Required Skills

‐ 5+ years of web service development and operation experience
‐ Experience with development or implementation of automation solutions (QA, work flow optimization, etc.)
‐ Team management experience (at least 10 members)

‐ 5年以上のWebサービス開発運用経験
‐ 自動化ソリューションの開発または導入 (品質保証、ワークフロー最適化など)
‐ 10人程度のチーム管理経験

Preferred Skills

‐ Experience building systems that guarantee reliability, availability, and maintainability (HA cluster building, introduction of distributed cache system, distributed system building using MQ)
‐ Knowledge of JVM and GC
‐ Web API design experience (REST API, RPC)
‐ Experience building highly versatile web service platforms using asynchronous control and Reactive Programming
‐ CI/CD pipeline design and building experience

‐ 信頼性、可用性、保守性を担保できるシステム構築経験 (HAクラスタ構築、分散キャッシュシステム導入、メッセージキューを用いた分散システム構築)
‐ JVM, GCの深い知識
‐ Web APIの設計経験 (REST API, RPC)
‐ 非同期制御とReactive Programmingを用いた汎用性の高いWebサービスプラットフォーム構築経験
‐ CI/CDパイプライン設計・構築経験