Application System Analyst

Job Type
6,000,000 JPY - 9,000,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


One of the world's largest privately held manufacturers and distributor of healthcare supplies is looking for an Application System Analyst.


‐ Define the IT system solutions to meet defined business requirements and assess business processes, data and application functions.
‐ Act as a liaison between system owners and technical experts or partners to develop technical solutions.
‐ Develop new systems and enhancements to existing systems and manage the migration path to production.
‐ Develop and design procedures for the operational support of application systems.
‐ Participate in and support capacity planning and the development of long-term strategic goals for application systems in conjunction business objectives.


<System Solution Design>
‐ Meet with user groups and analyze end user requirements.
‐ Develop the system solution to meet the desired business requirement.
‐ Work with technical experts to analyze system requirements and data processing issues to identify the root causes and resolve them either through technical enhancement or end user training.
‐ Assist with the management of system performance, scalability, security etc.

<Systems development>
‐ Provide hands-on design and development of new systems or enhancements to existing system together with other members of the development team as required.
‐ Test application functions to eliminate or report errors to ensure they meet user requirements.
‐ Assist with coordinating user acceptance testing and training plans
‐ Ensure there is strict controls of the development process including change control and source control.
‐ Define the appropriate project methodology for the implementation of the system

<Application support>
‐ Build relationship with users, technical experts, and management to determine and resolve issues associated with system implementation.
‐ Manage and work with third party application support providers to provide resolution to application problems.
‐ Prepare system manuals and operation guidelines for user groups where required

<Implement quality and standardized procedures and policies>
‐ Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of any non-conformities relating to the product, process, and quality system
‐ Identify and record any problems relating to the product, process and quality system
‐ Initiate, recommend or provide solutions that align with long-term planning for application developments.
‐ Maintain all procedures and processes for the purposes of quality accreditation.




‐ ビジネス要件を満たし、ビジネスプロセス、データおよびアプリケーション機能を評価するためのITシステムソリューションを定義する。
‐ システムオーナーと技術専門家またはパートナーと連携して、技術的ソリューションを開発する。
‐ 新しいシステムの開発、既存システムの拡張、及び生産への移行パスを管理する。
‐ アプリケーションシステムの運用サポート方法を開発し、設計する。
‐ ビジネス目標に合わせたキャパシティプランニングとアプリケーションシステムの長期戦略目標の策定に参加し、サポートする。

Required Skills

‐ Knowledge of scientific or specialised theories or principles & involved practices.
‐ Experience in analyze and interpret business needs and develop appropriate technical solutions
‐ Substantial experience working with ERP, Warehouse and Manufacturing execution and Product Information applications
‐ Excellent analytical and research skills with the ability to collect and analyze complex material and data, and present it in accessible formats
‐ An appreciation of both IT and business strategies
‐ Good understanding of all aspects of the systems/software environment and development lifecycle
‐ Understanding of system design, IT infrastructure and database concepts
‐ Proven ability to successfully gather requirements and get results with minimal supervision



‐ 科学的または専門的理論、原則及び関連する慣行の知識
‐ ビジネスニーズを分析・解釈し、適切な技術ソリューションを開発する経験
‐ ERP、倉庫、生産実行および製品情報アプリケーションの実務経験
‐ 複雑な要素とデータを収集して分析し、それを利用可能な形式で提示できる優れた分析技術とリサーチスキル
‐ ITとビジネス戦略の理解
‐ システム/ソフトウェア環境と開発ライフサイクルのあらゆる側面をよく理解している方
‐ システム設計、ITインフラ、データベースコンセプトの理解
‐ 要件を収集し、最小限の監督で結果を出した実績