Business Relationship Manager

Job Type
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date






開発言語: Java / RPG 等
サーバー環境: Windows Server / Redhat Linux /Oracle /AS400 等
ストレージ: Netapp/3PAR/EVA/SAN/NAS 等
データ転送・連携 : HULFT / IBM Websphere MQ 等
クライアント環境: Windows7 / Office2010 / iPad iPhone / SecureID 等
その他 : MDM / VMware / Private Cloud / NetApp / IPS 等

A financial service division of a global automobile manufacturer group now would like to focus on our new goal of making use of IT system efficiently. Accordingly, they decided to hire a person to be a great help to the head of IT to have better communication with the top of management and other operational departments in order to succeed in business with the application of Information of Technology.

In particular, the staff needs to be able to propose and install the IT system to meet demands and to make it efficient by communicating with the top of management and other operational departments, and understanding changes in business environment.

Even though the company is a financial company, they consider "IT" and "Marketing" as competitive edge. For that reason, IT department plays an important role of not only operating our current system but also planning and developing new system to be a foundation of activities in Sales and Marketing. A person in this position will be able to feel the contribution to our industry directly. Moreover, he/she can make the best use of their English skills since cooperation with our head office in Germany is very important.

【IT environment】
Development languages : Java / RPG etc.
Server environment : Windows server / Redhat Linux / Oracle / AS400 etc.
Storage : Netapp / 3PAR / EVA / SAN / NAS etc.
Data transfer/Link : HULFT / IBM WebSphere MQ etc.
Client environment : Windows7 / Office2010 / iPad iPhone / Secure ID etc.
Others : MDM / VMware / Private Cloud / NetApp / IPS etc.

Required Skills

‐ IT Business Relationship Manager 経験
‐ 金融業界でのビジネス経験

‐ IT BRM experience
‐ Business experience in financial industry

Preferred Skills

‐ 普通自動車免許
‐ 車に興味のある方
‐ 大卒以上

‐ Driver's License
‐ Likes cars
‐ University Graduate