Social Media Community Manager

Job Type
4,000,000 JPY - 5,000,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
English Level
Fluent (TOEIC 990)
Start Date


One of the largest PR firms is looking for a Community Manager who is a skilled professional capable of developing effective social media programs and execute digital campaigns, collaborating closely across disciplines and networks. The candidate has in-depth knowledge of digital platforms and tools, delivering original ideas, client-centric solutions, using data and analytics to uncover insights to inform digital strategy.

‐ Actively conduct analysis and research to identify risks and opportunities and develop informed strategies
‐ Plan social media programs by understanding budgeting and financial requirements to prepare estimates
‐ Develop content ideas and posts, plan calendars and execute social media programs
‐ Monitor and manage social media communities, and implement risk management
‐ Responsibly and independently operate and drive social programs for clients
‐ Set KPIs, track performance and compile reports
‐ Professional level of account management and client communication
‐ Collaborate with the Digital team to execute programs, campaigns, and evaluate results against objectives
‐ Educate teams and junior staff to elevate overall digital literacy across office
‐ Solicit support and collaboration from experts within the network for best outcome
‐ Preparation of proposals, development of compelling presentations

Required Skills

‐ Experience in developing and executing social media programs, paid media activation
‐ In-depth knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, search and web technologies
‐ Training to analyze data to find issues and opportunities, and use insights to guide improvements
‐ Skills to set KPIs, plan and create content, execute social media programs, and report on performance

Preferred Skills

‐ Experience with either advertising or digital agency and active involvement in program operation
‐ Training in data-driven analysis and research of brand presence on social media and audience perception
‐ Experience in applying new techniques and use of tools to earn attention and deliver business results
‐ Understanding of how to identify issues in social media program performance and ability to offer solutions
‐ Hands-on experience in executing KPI-driven, successful campaigns on social media
‐ Strong point of view on social media's role in modern brand and corporate communication
‐ In-depth knowledge of digital media landscape in Japan, as well as trends and technologies
‐ Curiosity and passion to explore opportunities new to client's business or industry
‐ Confidence and skills in writing and presentation