Windows Infrastructure Engineer

Job Type
500,000 JPY - 700,000 JPY per month (negotiable based on experience)
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A famous insurance firm is searching for a Windows Infrastructure engineer to join their End User Technology division and work on supporting end users for the group's operating companies.


Working in the EUT Division, the successful candidate will be able to leverage his/her experience with within the below areas to cover operations and management of the End User Desktop Environment.

Required Skills

‐Knowledge/experience in Microsoft SCCM/WSUS, McAfee VSE/DLP, etc.

‐IT infrastructure engineer experience

‐Knowledge/experience related to network(AD, DNS, Proxy etc.)

‐IT infrastructure L3 support experienceIT


‐Microsoft SCCM/WSUS、McAfee VSE/ DLPのいずれかに関する知識・経験




Preferred Skills

‐Experience in IT infrastructure designing, building, development, implementation, maintenance, etc. 

‐Experience in model selection and procurement of IT infrastructure equipment(server, storage, network, etc.)

‐Knowledge/experience with infrastructure maintenance management (SCCM, WSUS, etc.)

‐Knowledge/experience with client security(Anti-Virus, DLP, Data Encryption, etc.)

‐Knowledge/experience with cloud servces(AWS, Azure, Office 365)

‐Experience with task automation using scprit languages





‐クライアントセキュリティーに関する知識・経験(Anti-Virus/DLP/Data Encryptionなど)

‐クラウドサービスに関する知識・経験(AWS/Azure/Office 365)