Human Resources Web Coordinator (Recruitment Coordinator)

3,600,000JPY per year plus performance bonus
ビジネスレベル(TOEIC 860)



This is a wonderful career opportunity for a Human Resources Web Coordinator wanting to join a young and growing specialty IT Staffing Firm. Successful candidates will have management opportunities and the ability to dramatically impact the success of the company. In addition to great long term career opportunities, the successful candidate will also be compensated at above market rates for delivering results.

Skillhouse is a fun and dynamic place to work. We are a small and growing company that truly cares about your future and we have fun providing great services to the Japanese market! If you have at least two (2) years of web development experience, specifically in the areas of SEO and marketing, we want to talk to you.

The role has many functions divided into three main categories. The below responsibilities will be shared within a team of two.


- Post jobs on job portal websites

- Create attractive job descriptions to make sure them to be useful recruiting tools

- Scout candidates from the Job market (web portals, SNS and networking opportunities)

- Screen candidates based on the Skillhouse core requirements from clients

- Assist in job-candidate matching

- Assign coordinators and manage their interview schedule in order to ensure successful registration

- Help create new strategies to improve productivity and results

- Utilize all recruitment mediums to maximize results

- Record keeping, reporting and tracking)

- Vendor management

- IT User Group Networking and Promotion


- Build on and create a more dynamic and effective corporate site (

- Create seamless integration between the two sites and the internal Skillhouse Database

- Update and maintain web related activities related to client and candidate attraction

- Design, create and launch new and improved versions of our websites/web tools to attract both new clients and candidates

- Manage and ensure that our candidate site is attracting IT candidates

- Manage and ensure our sites are promoted and publicized

- Assist in creating web strategies to meet company objectives

- Manage Vendors and other portal sites as needed

- Create thorough SEO strategy

PR, Promotion and Marketing

- Create effective marketing and promotion plans to attract IT candidates to the company

- Create effective marketing and promotion plans to attract companies that need IT candidates to the company

- Corroborate with relevant parties on marketing and PR from the beginning of the process to the end

- Increase exposure for president and Skillhouse brand in media

- Ensure Skillhouse is promoted in the media consistently and constantly

- Use the Skillhouse website, SNS and other marketing tool to attract candidates

- Proactively dispatch information from Skillhouse in the job market

- Ensure steady and constant corporate messaging is provided to all media outlets in order to build brand and exposure

- Help create ideas for recruitment campaigns

- Help create ideas for Brand Building


Required Experience and Skills

- 3+ year web project experience such as creating, managing and promotion of web sites

- Strong understanding of technologies related to web site development such as HTML, XML, Java, ASP, and or Flash.

- Excellent all around communication skills

- Profound desire to exploit the web as a communication medium - a visionary sense

- Creative but strong business process skills

- Energetic and Positive Personality

- Strong Coordination and Administration skills

- Fluent Japanese with good English

- Flexible to handle daily administrative tasks as well as marketing tasks


- Staffing Industry Experience