【大手ビジネスサービス企業】CRM - IT ソリューション リード

7,000,000 JPY - 8,000,000 JPY per year
ビジネスレベル(JLPT Level 1)
ビジネスレベル(TOEIC 860)


The CRM IT Solution Specialist will be responsible for the creation of technology solution design, costing and overall technology strategy in response to client business requirements.

This role will be accountable for technical understanding of the company's technology strategy and assets, including third Party vendor products and company-developed assets to be leveraged for client’s requirements, including CRM, Voice, Networks (WAN/LAN), Security (i.e. PCI), Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery, Help Desk, and Costing / Pricing Tools.

You will define the E2E technical solution and cost case, including but not limited to: which assets/technologies will be used, how they interface to each other and to client systems, which components will be customized versus standard/configured, hosting model (client premise, SaaS,shared IT, etc.).

【Main Responsibilities】
‐ Accountable for providing high quality CRM technical solutions for our clients
‐ Acts as primary liaison between the client and internal functional groups for initial design and any subsequent scope changes also between project Team and internal client for change requests
‐ Develop the architecture specification document for technology solutions that will meet client requirements
‐ Develops statement of work and/or functional business requirements Document “BRD” for issuance to all relevant parties associated with the Technology solution
‐ Working with Procurement team to determine/recommend which vendor/partner that should be selected to be part of the recommended solution
‐ Build the technical business case on recommend the system solution
‐ Offers or obtains information on hardware / software / development costing and assist the pricing team to price the Solution and be competitive
‐ Creates and integrates a cohesive, coordinated IT Transition plan that meets stakeholder priorities within client’s go-live production date requirements
‐ Reviews, prepares and sources RFP, RFI or RFQ responses pertaining to operational and technology requirements as required
‐ Partner with Solution and Sales team in presenting technology solutions
‐ Accountable for the development of service Level agreements for sign-off by the client, IT delivery services and operations
‐ Responsible for Technology IT Project Management Engagement Handoffs
‐ Ensures scalability and Global / International capabilities of technology

大手ビジネスサービス企業が、CRM - IT ソリューションのスペシャリストを募集しています。ソリューションの設計、ビジネス要件に応じたコスト管理を含む技術戦略全般をご担当いただきます。



‐ 高品質なCRMテクニカルソリューションの提供
‐ クライアントと社内の関連グループとのパイプ役となり、初期設計、要件変更、スコープ変更へ対応
‐ クライアント要件を満たすテクノロジーソリューションのアーキテクチャ仕様書の作成
‐ テクノロジーソリューションに関連する、作業指示書及びファンクショナルビジネス要件の文書化(BRD)
‐ プロキュアメントチームと連携したベンダー選定
‐ 推奨のシステムソリューションによるテクニカルビジネスケースの作成
‐ ハードウェア・ソフトウェアの開発費の関連情報を提供し価格設定チームをサポート
‐ 運用、技術要件に関する、RFP、RFI、RQFのレビュー、準備、提供
‐ 営業やソリューションチームと協力し、テクノロジーソリューションを提示
‐  IT運用サービス・オペレーションのサービスレベル契約の作成
‐ テクノロジーITプロジェクト管理およびエンゲージハンドオフの担当
‐ テクノロジーのスケーラビリテイ及びグローバルケーパビリテの管理

【会社概要 | Company Details】
Our Client is a global business services firm that transforms the customer experience, and streamlines front and back office and industry-specific processes to provide the highest value from every customer interaction. A Top 10 Services Provider, it partners with its clients to deliver end-to-end customer engagement services, technology innovations, analytics, process optimization, and business improvements.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:00‐ 18:00(Mon‐ Fri)

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays

【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】
Social insurance, Transportation Fee, No smoking indoors allowed (Designated smoking area), etc.


‐ Knowledge of Contact Centre Technology Offerings from ACD, IVR, Chat, Email, Recording, Monitoring, backend CRM Solution, Work Force Management, and Internal Quality Management policies
‐ Knowledge and understanding of technology trends with digital and Omni Channels, Self-Service, and real-time analytics
‐ Software development process and terminology - experience in software development
‐ Knowledge of software technology related concepts such as GUI components, IDE, Version and Source Control, VDI (Citrix and VMWare), browser, etc.
‐ Knowledge of IT related concepts such as network, shared drive, remote connectivity, performance parameters, desktop, dev/test/QA/production environments, etc.

‐ ACD、IVR、チャット、メール、記録、監視、バックエンドCRMソリューション、従業員管理、内部品質管理のポリシーなどの、コンタクトセンターのテクノロジーの提供に関連する知識 
‐ デジタル及びオム二チャネル、セルフサービス、リアルタイム分析のテクノロジー動向の理解、知識
‐ ソフトウェア開発のプロセス及び用語の知識、ソフトウェア開発経験
‐ GUIコンポーネント、IDE、バージョン及びソース管理、VDI(CitrixとVMWare)、ブラウザーなどのソフトウェアテクノロジーの概念の知識
‐ ネットワーク、共有ドライブ、リモート直接、パフォーマンスパラメーター、デスクトップ、開発・テスト・QA・運用環境などの、ITに関連する概念の知識


‐ Experience in technology solutions
‐ Contact Centre technology management and ‐ Experience in working with global teams, in different time zones and cultures

‐ テクノロジーソリューション経験
‐ コンタクトセンターとしてのテクノロジー管理経験、グローバルチーム経験