480,000 JPY - 520,000 JPY per month
ビジネスレベル(TOEIC 860)


Global IT service company is hiring a Technical Field Support Engineer for their global telecom client.

【About the Job】
As a member of our customer care and operations support team you will play a critical role in responding to and owning end-to-end resolution of highly technical, potentially complex issues and requests raised by our more than 80 partners using the world's first edge network, including foreign and domestic leading telecommunication carries.

As a first and last touch point, you will also be integral to maintaining and owning the relationship as a trusted partner with our clients. You will be working directly with their technical teams in defining issues, resolving them, or leading an internal cross-functional team to drive resolutions.

【About our Team】
You will be part of a best-in-class customer care and technical support team, driving the success of our global customers and continuously improving the experience they have using our products.

As a member of this team you will work in a highly collaborative, dynamic environment, including close interaction and iterative improvement of process, engagement and delivery within the team itself, and cross-functional core operations and development delivery teams.

【Job Functions】
‐ Respond to and resolve technical issues related to our products and infrastructure as reported by or alerted to impact of our partner and customer technical staff.
‐ Demonstrate leadership and work independently to drive the resolution of complex technical problems, including escalations to our product engineers and/or operational teams.
‐ React quickly to and own issues that are critically impacting customer's businesses, including incident management participation and iteratively improving inter-team communications and Service Level Agreement delivery to resolve urgent issues.
‐ Work independently with our customer's technical teams and our internal teams on both pre‐ and post‐ sales technical issues. The investigation of technical issues may involve complex data analysis from our distributed network and an in-depth examination of the interaction between our product and the customer's origin infrastructure.
‐ Develop methods and best practices for delivering outstanding service, as well as participate in knowledge sharing through the creation of knowledge base articles and regular cross team training sessions.
‐ Provide articulate technical input on engineering or customer incident management communication points, including root cause analysis or bridges.
‐ Be an ongoing Subject Matter Expert of multiple product/services and work with engineering to ensure that new services and features can be supported and meet our customer's needs.
‐ Define, coordinate, and prioritize customer feedback and ideas into engineering requirements for future enhancements to our services. Work closely with Engineering and Product Management to prioritize and implement these enhancements.
‐ Meet our customer facing and internal Service Level Agreement commitments and contribute to continuous improvement of the experience we provide internally and externally.







‐ パートナー及び顧客の技術スタッフからの報告、通報を受けた自社製品及びインフラに関する技術問題に対応し解決する。
‐ リーダーシップを発揮し、製品エンジニア及び/又は運営チームへのエスカレーションを含む複雑な技術的問題の解決を推進する。
‐ インシデント管理への参加や、チーム間のコミュニケーションの改善、緊急の問題を解決するためのサービスレベルアグリーメントの提供など、顧客のビジネスに深刻な影響を与える問題に素早く対応する。
‐ プリ&ポストセールス両方の技術的問題について、顧客の技術チーム及び社内チームと対応する。技術的な問題の調査には、自社の分散型ネットワークからの複雑なデータ分析と、自社製品と顧客のインフラとの間の相互作用の詳細な調査が必要となる場合があります。
‐ 優れたサービスを提供するための方法とベストプラクティスを開発すると共に、知識ベースの文書の作成や定期的なチーム間でのトレーニングセッションを通じて、知識の共有を行う。
‐ 根本原因分析やブリッジを含むエンジニアリングまたは顧客インシデント管理のコミュニケーションポイントに関する明確な技術情報を提供する。
‐ 常に複数の製品/サービスの主題専門家となり、エンジニアリングと協力して新しいサービスや機能をサポートし、顧客のニーズを満たす。
‐ 顧客のフィードバックとアイデアを定義、調整、優先順位付けし、将来のサービス強化のためのエンジニアリング要件に合わせる。エンジニアリングとプロダクトマネジメントと協力し、これらの機能拡張の優先順位付けと実装を行う。
‐ 顧客及び内部のサービスレベル契約を遵守し、社内外の体験を継続的に改善するために貢献する。

【会社概要 | Company Details】
Taking advantage of global alliances and partnerships, our client is a global company that provides state-of-the-art IT services and solutions to customers in more than 70 countries including the private and public sectors.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
8:40 - 17:40(Mon - Fri)
Shifts (Rotation basis: 8am-6pm, 9:30am-7:30pm, some weekends, public holidays)

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays

【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】※スキルハウスベネフィット適応
Social insurance, Transportation Fee, Skillhouse Benefit


‐ Bachelor’s Degree in CS, MIS, or relevant engineering/science fields or equivalent experience.
‐ Experience in Tier1-3 Support of Dev and Prod Linux environments (Vmware ESXi/Xen, any public cloud).
‐ Experience in technical support, engineering, IT, project management or consulting.
‐ Experience in Internet technologies, standards and protocols, including DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, Web architecture and design or relevant coursework.
‐ Deep technical background and grasp of current compute or SaaS technical stacks:
  ・ Knowledge of how the Internet works (HTTP and DNS).
  ・ Programming knowledge and experience (Perl/shell scripting or python/ruby preferable).
  ・ Knowledge of common network protocols (TCP/IP, ICMP) and tools.
  ・ Knowledge of web programming (HTML, javascript, ASP, JSP)
  ・ Familiarity with video streaming technologies including Silverlight and Apple HLS
‐ Prior customer-facing experience including proposing scoping and driving issue resolution or new solutions with customer technical teams.
‐ Analytical mind with strong investigation and creative ‘thinks-outside-the-box’ problem solving skills.
‐ Excellent verbal and written English communication skills, including the ability to disseminate information in a clear and concise manner to both business and technical audiences.
‐ Self-motivated, self-directed and passionate about driving results and scaling our services for the benefit of our customer’s experience.
‐ Strong relationship building skills, can positively influence the actions of others and be a passionate team player.
‐ Proven ability to communicate about and manage and prioritize multiple priorities, commitments and projects.
‐ Knowledge of support workflows (ITIL escalation) and Incident tracking tools (Jira, PagerDuty, Zendesk or similar).
‐ Experience with monitoring and testing network tools (Gomez, Keynote or Catchpoint).



‐ コンピューター科学、経営情報システム、または関連するエンジニアリング/サイエンス専攻の大卒、又は同等の経験
‐ Tier1-3のLinux環境における開発及び製品サポート経験(Vmware ESXi / Xen、パブリッククラウド)
‐ 技術サポート、エンジニアリング、IT、プロジェクト管理またはコンサルティングの経験
‐ DNS、TCP / IP、HTTP / HTTPS、Webアーキテクチャー、デザイン、または関連するコースワークを含む、インターネット技術、標準、プロトコルの経験
‐ 現在のコンピューティングまたはSaaSテクニカルスタックの技術的実績と知識:
  ・ インターネットの仕組みに関する知識(HTTPとDNS)
  ・ プログラミングの知識と経験(Perl /シェルスクリプティングまたはPython / Rubyが望ましい)
  ・ 共通ネットワークプロトコル(TCP / IP、ICMP)およびツールに関する知識
  ・ Webプログラミングに関する知識(HTML、JavaScript、ASP、JSP)
  ・ SilverlightとApple HLSを含むビデオストリーミング技術の知識
‐ スコープの提案、顧客のテクニカルチームとの問題解決や新しいソリューションの提供など、顧客対応の経験
‐ 優れた調査能力と分析力、既存の枠にとらわれないクリエイティブな問題解決スキル
‐ サポートワークフロー(ITILエスカレーション)とインシデントトラッキングツール(Jira、PagerDuty、Zendeskなど)の知識
‐ 監視およびテストネットワークツール(Gomez、KeynoteまたはCatchpoint)の経験