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1. Can you tell me about your current position?
I currently work as a project manager for R company’s customer review functions. I report on how the review function operates and I work to enhance the system to increase customer satisfaction.
2. What do you enjoy most about it?
Even though I’m not a permanent employee, the company entrusts me with many responsibilities, and I enjoy that I can work on various important projects.
3. Why did you decide to join Skillhouse as a working staff?
To be honest, when I first reached out to Skillhouse, I was only interested in permanent roles. I’d actually tried working with other large recruiting firms prior to Skillhouse, but I wasn’t getting any results. After my first meeting with Skillhouse though, I was able to quickly receive an offer for a position with R company. Skillhouse may have been smaller than the other recruitment firms, but everyone was very professional throughout the process, and I really respected that.
4. Did you have any reservations about joining as a temporary staff versus a permanent employee? If so, what are they?
Yes. I’d only worked as a permanent employee prior to this, so I was worried about switching to temporary work. I was actually a manager at my previous job, and some of the staff I managed were temporary employees, so I understood how temporary contracts work. However, I was reassured by Skillhouse that R company is very professional and employs many temporary workers, so there is no discrimination or difference in treatment between temporary and permanent staff in the company.
5. Do you think there are benefits of working as a temporary staff versus a permanent employee? If so, what are they?
I think temporary work can be very flexible. It’s flexible yet you can still work in very a professional manner. I don’t think you really get that benefit with other positions.
6. How is the working life different? How does the pay compare?
The company treats us in the same manner as permanent staff, and there’s no discrimination. The salary is a little lower, but the work life balance is great and the work environment is a very flexible as long as you complete your work.
7. Are there any downfalls of working as a temporary staff?
I think the main downfall is that there is a sense of uncertainty when it comes to contract renewals. I also think temporary work can be very different depending on the company. I’ve worked for one of R company’s subsidiary and the experience and environment were very different from the main office. There weren’t many employees who spoke English, so I think it might be difficult for foreigners to adjust. The main office, on the other hand, has a very international environment, so they would have no problem fitting in.
8. How are your relationships with the other employees at the company you are placed at?
It’s very good. I do the same work as permanent employees, so there’s really no barrier between us.
9. How has your experience been so far with the Skillhouse personnel team? Do you have any feedback for us?
Excellent! It’s been extraordinary. It’s really all due to the Skillhouse staff’s efforts.
In regards to feedback, my boss is still looking for more staff, so please work hard to give us more great workers!
10. What advice would you give to anyone considering “Haken” work with Skillhouse?
Overall, I’m happy to have two different types of colleagues at both R company and at Skillhouse. Prior to joining, I was focused only on permanent roles, but it took way too long to find a new position. In the end, I’m glad that I chose temporary work with R company and Skillhouse. The work has been great and I’m currently very satisfied with my job. I hope that by sharing my experience, I can change the stereotype of temporary work and encourage others to also work for R company via Skillhouse.

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