Supporting the bustling banking world with a brilliant smile, positive CA-san!

1. Can you tell me about your current position?
I’m currently work at W company as IT Support.
2. What do you enjoy most about it?
My position allows me to connect with many staff members in the office, since everyone needs IT support, so I really enjoy that aspect of interacting with various people on a daily basis.
3. Why did you decide to join Skillhouse as a working staff?
I was first introduced to Skillhouse, when one of their recruiters connected with me on LinkedIn. At that time, I was a permanent employee for a different company and was dispatched to a global insurance company. Skillhouse was also providing staffing solutions for that same company, so I had a chance to meet and talk with some of their staff, and I decided to register with them!
4. Did you have any reservations about joining as a temporary staff versus a permanent employee? If so, what are they?
This was my first time changing jobs, so I was incredibly nervous. When Skillhouse offered me the position, I already had two other job offers for IT Support lined up (one permanent and one direct contract). I was hesitant to make the switch and work as a temporary staff, because you never know when the client will terminate your contract renewals. I was also concerned whether I would receive adequate benefits as a temporary employee. After much consideration, I decided to accept Skillhouse’s offer because of the company, work environment, and salary.
5. Do you think there are benefits of working as a temporary staff versus a permanent employee? If so, what are they?
If you have the right skill set, I think temporary work can be very fulfilling. Because your contract period is preset, you can easily move to new and exciting projects, challenge new career goals, and constantly build your skills as a professional. In contrast, permanent employees usually have that mindset of committing to one position and one company for a very long period of time, and are not as able to move as freely. Therefore, that aspect of being able to choose and decide your own future is one of temporary work’s greatest and most fulfilling merits. You can adapt your work to your own lifestyle.
6. How is the working life different? How does the pay compare?
Honestly, the work life balance is great and easily achievable, and the salary is quite high. I was able to double my pay from my previous job, even though the content is the same. The hours, the pay, and the work environment are all an improvement.
7. Are there any downfalls of working as a temporary staff?
I don’t really feel that there any demerits, but if I compare this to my previous job, the benefits for temporary workers are slightly different. Skillhouse has a benefit station, but the scale is a little smaller when compared to permanent employee benefits. In regards to the dispatch work, I was working as a dispatch employee at my old company as well, so not much has changed in that aspect.
8. How are your relationships with the other employees at the company you are placed at?
Everyone here is welcoming and easy to talk to. There’s one other temporary worker aside from me, but the permanent staff don’t treat us any differently or discriminate. They’re very kind and we often go out together for lunch.
9. How has your experience been so far with the Skillhouse personnel team? Do you have any feedback for us?
I think they’re great! We have a good relationship, so it’s very easy for me to talk to them and reach out if I have any issues or questions. When I was a permanent employee, I always thought there would be more of a barrier between the temporary employees and the dispatch company, but it’s not like that at all. They often check in to see how I’m doing.
One suggestion I have is to put in an FAQ/list on the homepage that shows us what to do and what document to submit in certain situations (i.e. what paperwork should we submit for reimbursement or requests). It might be convenient for other staff as well!
10. What advice would you give to anyone considering “Haken” work with Skillhouse?
Although I was hesitant in the beginning, especially since this was my first job change, I’m very happy that I chose Skillhouse. I don’t feel alone even if I am a dispatch staff. There’s strong communication between the Skillhouse staff and I, and whenever I have an issue, I can easily consult with them right away. For those considering temporary work, I was able to double my salary and cut down my working hours due to my position as a temp staff, and I now have more freedom to do what I want. Although most people urged me to accept the other permanent position, I chose this job and I think it matches me. I enjoy my work and the people I work with, and at the end of the day, I believe it’s most important to go with a job that fits you the best.

Comment from Personnel

Thanks for your advice about the possibility of an FAQ page – that could be useful. Until then – please feel free to contacts us any time!