In addition to providing you with a position that best meets your career objectives, we also provide our Skillhouse working staff with on-going training to ensure that you continuously gain new skills that provide you the opportunity to expand your career goals. We have established Skillhouse University to address all of our working staff's language, business and IT training needs.

Skillhouse University

Skillhouse provides various training to support your success.
  • IT Training
  • Language Training
  • Business Training
Skillhouse University

IT School

You can take a variety of IT school courses at a corporate discount rate.

Test Payback System

Skillhouse encourages our staff to acquire certificates that will help your career. Through this system, your test fee will be reimbursed upon successfully obtaining the certificate.

Career Consulting

You will receive very personalized service from your dedicated Candidate Coordinator. You can always consult with them about your career.

Resume Preparation

An attractive resume (CV) is necessary to present your skills in the best way. Our experienced coordinators will help to create your career resume based on the consultation.

Client Interview/Meeting Preparation

Each client has its own hiring managers, each with different interview styles. We will help you to face any process with confidence and show you off at your best.

Social Insurance

Skillhouse will support all working staff (with two-months or longer contract) with administrative procedures to receive Health Insurance, Employee's Pension Insurance and Employment Insurance. Insurance fees are determined based on salary. Skillhouse supports 50% of the costs for Health Insurance and Employment Pension Insurance.

Paid Holidays

Skillhouse working staff who work more than six-months (consecutively) are entitled to receive paid holidays. The number of days awarded is determined by the number of accumulated workdays. Unused paid holidays expire after two years. Paid holidays cannot be carried over if there is more than a seven calendar day gap between two jobs.

Health Check

Skillhouse working staff are entitled to receive periodic health checks paid by Skillhouse.
Skillhouse working staff can enjoy membership discounts for travel packages, sports clubs, shopping and more.