Candidate Coordinator

Job Type
Based on Experience
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date






【主な職務内容 】


- 登録者との登録ミーティングの実施 / スキルチェック

- 顧客満足を目指したマッチング業務  

- キャンディデートデータベースの管理

- キャリアコンサルテーション - キャンディデートの「キャリアチャンス」となるベストフィットポジションの選定・紹介・フォローアップ

- 職務経歴書・履歴書のアドバイス

- キャンディデートへのタイムリーな新捗報告/フォローアップ

- 営業チームとの連携 

- キャンディデート一人一人に合わせたきめ細かなサポートの提供



The Candidate Coordinator group focuses on interviewing, ongoing matching and support of potential candidates for both contract and permanent positions. We devote in managing candidate expectation.


Main tasks include, but not limited to:


- Meeting and qualifying candidates

- Match existing registered candidates to suitable positions

- Responsible for maintaining candidate database, build talent pools

- Provide career consultation - working with candidates to determine best fit and career opportunity (resume advice; interview coaching/preparation)

- Motivate candidates to apply for suitable positions (and instilling a sense of urgency to do so)

- Keep candidates informed of the progress and provide feedback on their application within a timely manner

- Work closely with the Account Executive team to ensure proper fit and timely order fulfillment

- Conduct background checks

- Ensure candidate satisfaction and ultimately “close” the candidate using best practices

- Uphold the good reputation of Skillhouse at all times


** Candidate Coordinators must be exceptionally great communicators and be genuinely positive and energetic professionals. A successful Candidate Coordinator should also be result-oriented.




Required Skills


- バイリンガル (日本語/英語) ビジネスレベル以上

- 並行作業・コーディネーションスキル

- 柔軟性

- スピードを持ち、積極的に業務に取り組める方

- 細部へ配慮ができる方

- 結果重視

Required skills and experience:

- Bilingual ability (English/Japanese)

- Self-organised, multi-tasking/coordination skills.

- Ability to assess and meet priorities through good time management.

- Sense of urgency

- Flexibility and adaptability

- Good attention to detail

- Proactive and positive attitude, ability to work in fast paced environment

- Sales minded, result oriented

Preferred Skills


- セールスのご経験 または 人材派遣/紹介業界でのご経験

- IT関連の業務経験や知識

Preferred experience:

- Sales and/or staffing experience

- IT knowledge/experience