Solution Quality (Principal)

Job ID 17446
Job Type
Up to 12,000,000 JPY per year (plus up to 25% performance bonus)
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date
Job Type
Up to 12,000,000 JPY per year (plus up to 25% performance bonus)
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date




A Global Insurance and Mobile Device Support Services company is seeking a Solution Quality Principle to manage the execution of quality control (QA) work across various system development projects and lead quality improvement activities for the entire development process conducting defect analysis etc.


In a B to B to C business model, the successful candidate will work closely with product teams, development teams, business operation teams, etc. managing Quality Assurance activities and support Quality Improvement across the end-to-end development process. Responsibilities include:


Manage Quality Assurance Activities

- Managing multiple IT vendors to execute Quality Assurance activities. The position holder is responsible to manage all QA activities (integration test), which are executed by IT vendors with around 50 HC equivalent tester workforce. Besides above, the person is also expected to consolidate information of lower environment testing (like system test) and higher environment test (business user acceptance test) status to update over-all testing progress/results/issues to project manager.

- Lead root course analysis on defects found in QA phase, and make sure processes for QA (Quality Assurance) plan and end to end development cycles including series of testing phases. acknowledge the QA team the Quality matrix and resolve all the queries.

- Quality strategies is to be encouraged test automation and AI/ML test automation to realize both quality and efficiency.


Support Quality Improvement on end-to-end development process.

- Support to define processes for QA (Quality Assurance) plan and End-to-End development cycles including series of testing phases according to strategy. Review QA plan and see that all the various kinds of testing like unit, functional, performance, stress, acceptance etc. are getting covered. Ensure all development tasks meet quality criteria through test planning, test execution, quality assurance and issue tracking.

- Follow processes for test plan reviews and ensure that that test plans get reviewed by all stakeholders, and apply quality dashboard and update quality status with measurable criteria to check the quality in timely manner.

- Understanding and defining areas to calculate the overall risk to the project, and Create countermeasures to those risks and take necessary actions to control the risks. Awareness to all the stake holders for the various risks. Create backup plans.

- Work with the development team to ensure that the quality engineers get apt support like automation hooks or debug builds where ever and whenever possible.


Report testing status/risks to Quality Management Office

- Responsible to report QA related status for project gate review, which is conducted by Quality Management Office, in order to ensure all expected QA activities are completed for gate review and/or risks are identified with mitigate actions.


Management work as a leader in the solution quality

- In principle, the position is individual contributor. However, the position holder will be expected to managing a small team, including goal setting, performance evaluation, career development, 1 on 1 meeting, budget management, resource management.








- 品質保証活動を実施するために複数のITベンダーを管理する。50人程度のITベンダーが実施するQA活動(結合テスト)を管理する責任者。また、下位環境テスト(システムテスト等)と上位環境テスト(ビジネスユーザー受け入れテスト)の状況を集約し、テスト全体の進捗・結果・課題をプロジェクトマネージャに報告

- QAフェーズで発見された不具合の原因分析を行い、QA(品質保証)計画や一連のテストフェーズを含むエンドツーエンドの開発サイクルのプロセスを確認する

- 品質戦略は、テスト自動化、AI/MLテスト自動化を促進し、品質と効率の両方を実現する



- QA(品質保証)計画および一連のテストフェーズを含むEnd-to-End開発サイクルのプロセス定義を戦略に基づいてサポートする。QA計画を見直し、ユニットテスト、機能テスト、パフォーマンステスト、ストレステスト、受け入れテストなど、様々な種類のテストがすべてカバーされていることを確認する。テスト計画、テスト実行、品質保証、問題追跡を通じて、すべての開発タスクが品質基準を満たすことを確認する

- テスト計画レビューのプロセスに従い、テスト計画がすべてのステークホルダーによってレビューされることを確認し、品質ダッシュボードを適用し、測定可能な基準で品質状況を更新し、タイムリーに品質をチェックします

- プロジェクトの全体的なリスクを計算するための領域を理解し定義し、それらのリスクに対する対策を作成し、リスクを制御するために必要な措置をとる。様々なリスクについて、すべてのステークホルダーへの意識付けを行い、バックアッププランを作成する

- 開発チームと連携し、品質エンジニアが自動化フックやデバッグビルドなどの適切なサポートを受けられるよう、可能な限りサポートする



- 品質管理室が実施するプロジェクトのゲートレビューのために、QA関連の状況を報告し、ゲートレビューのために期待されるすべてのQA活動が完了していること、リスクが特定され、緩和措置がとられていることを確認する



- 目標設定、業績評価、キャリア開発、1on1ミーティング、予算管理、リソース管理など、少人数チームのマネジメントを行う


【会社概要 | Company Details】
Great opportunity to work at a global insurance company that aspires to support their customers with digital product troubles. The company will replace or repair your mobile phones or provide remote support on how to set up electronic devices.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:00 - 17:30(Mon - Fri)

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays
【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】
各種社会保険完備(厚生年金保険、健康保険、労災保険、雇用保険)、 屋内原則禁煙(屋外に喫煙所あり)、 通勤交通費支給等
Social insurance, Transportation Fee, No smoking indoors allowed (Designated smoking area), etc.



Required Skills

- Experience and knowledge of quality control work in large companies with mission critical system development life cycle, or 10 years of project management experience, and be able to carry out quality control work.

- Management experience (including people management and evaluation)

- Communication ability to communicate smoothly with stakeholders and ability to actively solve problems in order to solve problems and improve the situation

- Respect teamwork and have the leadership to function as an organization and lead to success with not only employees but also members of partner companies

- Experience in agile development based on KPIs


- 大企業でミッションクリティカルなシステム開発ライフサイクルの品質管理業務の経験・知識、またはプロジェクトマネジメント経験10年以上で、品質管理業務が遂行できる方

- マネジメント経験(人材管理、評価を含む)

- 関係者と円滑にコミュニケーションをとることができるコミュニケーション能力、問題解決や状況改善のために積極的に行動できる能力

- チームワークを尊重し、社員だけでなく協力会社のメンバーも含めて組織として機能し、成功に導くことができるリーダーシップがあること

- KPIに基づくアジャイル開発の経験


Preferred Skills

- Experience in ISTQB (JSTQB) FL or higher, or equivalent business knowledge, formulating test strategies, plans, schedules, and in charge of quality control work in development projects.

- Experience in creating user stories in English and collaborating with engineers

- Experience in ITIL practice in Infrastructure/Datacenter Operation.

- Work experience at contact centers and logistic centers (business management)

- Work experience in mobile carriers, carrier shops, and after-sales support areas


- ISTQB(JSTQB) FL以上、または同等の業務知識、開発プロジェクトにおけるテスト戦略・計画・スケジュール策定、品質管理業務担当の経験

- 英語でのユーザーストーリー作成、エンジニアとの共同作業の経験

- インフラ/データセンター運用におけるITIL実践の経験

- コンタクトセンター、物流センターでの実務経験(業務管理)

- 携帯キャリア、キャリアショップ、アフターサポート分野での実務経験