IT Infrastructure Solution Engineer

Job Type
3,125 JPY per Hour (500,000 JPY/Month) + Benefits + Overtime + Insurance and Medical
Japanese Level
English Level
Start Date




One of our fortune-500 global insurance clients is looking for a talented IT Infrastructure Solution Engineer to help the Digital Engineering team cover for a maternity leave staff. This is a long term position till November 2022, but it starts with a 3 months rolling contract. If your performance is good, you will be issued a long term contract on your extension.

This role will be responsible for:

- Having experience in working for an enterprise-level company or project

- Some understanding of governance/compliance in a large organization

- Past experience of working for an insurance or financial domain client in the past

- Experience in introducing or developing server-type RPA

- SaaS introduction experience to a private cloud or cloud migration

- Infrastructure knowledge – Network, AD, DNS, Servers, etc…

- Bilingual capability: Japanese (Fluent) & English (Only reading & Writing needed)



- Implement in PoC or Pilot program for introducing new digital solutions. Depending on the nature of the technology to be introduced, there is various implementation work such as setting, API linkage, application development by low code / no code, etc.

- Collaborate with the IT infrastructure team to design and build infrastructure for new solutions

- Conduct the latest technology trend surveys, information gathering, and proposals. For the time being, the focus areas are Conversational AI, Attended RPA, AI OCR, and LCNC (especially MS Power Platform). Including trend surveys of not only domestic products but also overseas products

- Enlightenment of digital technology. Disseminate the importance of digital transformation and what each technology can do with demonstrations throughout the company

- Necessary technical advice to stakeholders, construction of technical knowledge management scheme

- Citizen Developer development and continuous support. Plan, develop, and implement training so that field personnel in the business department can develop using the technology themselves.

- Collaborate with business departments to support business case identification, digitization candidate business (opportunity) discovery, assessment, and prioritization

- Solving technical issues in collaboration with global teams, related technical teams, solution providers, etc.

- Application development, IT infrastructure, risk & security, collaboration with each team in the IT department such as architect team, contact points

- Vendor management

- Assistance in building an operating model for the introduction of new solutions

- Other general office work and management work required for the position






- 新規デジタル・ソリューション導入のためのPoCやPilotプログラムにて、実装を行う。導入テクノロジーの性質に応じて、設定、API連携、ローコード/ノーコードによるアプリケーション開発等々、様々な実装作業があります。

- ITインフラ・チームと連携し、新しいソリューションのためのインフラの設計・構築を行う

- 最新の技術動向調査、情報収集、提案を行う。当面のフォーカス・エリアはConversational AI、Attended RPA、AI OCR、LCNC(特にMS Power Platform)。国内のみならず海外製品の動向調査も含む

- デジタル・テクノロジーの啓蒙。会社全体にデジタル・トランスフォーメーションの重要性や各テクノロジーで何ができるかデモ等を交え広める

- 関係者への必要な技術的な助言、技術的なナレッジ・マネジメントのスキーム構築

- Citizen Developerの育成と継続的なサポート。ビジネス部門の現場担当者自らがその技術を使って開発ができるようトレーニングを企画・開発・実施する

- ビジネス部門と連携し、ビジネスケースの特定、デジタル化候補業務(オポチュニティ)の発見、アセスメント、優先順位付けのサポート

- グローバル・チーム、関連する技術チーム、ソリューション・プロバイダー等と連携した技術的課題の解決

- アプリケーション開発、ITインフラ、リスク&セキュリティ、アーキテクトチーム等IT部門内各チームとの連携、コンタクト・ポイント

- ベンダーマネジメント

- 新規ソリューション導入に伴うオペレーティング・モデルの構築補助

- その他、当該ポジションで求められる事務・管理業務全般



【会社概要 | Company Details】
Global insurance company with over 40 years of experience in Japan with strengths in various sales channels and product lineup. The company focuses on creating diverse environments including but not limited to promoting the appointment of women.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:00 - 18:00(Mon - Fri)[also Work from Home due to Covid-19]

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays

【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】

各種社会保険完備(厚生年金保険、健康保険、労災保険、雇用保険)、 屋内原則禁煙(屋外に喫煙所あり)、 通勤交通費支給等

Social insurance, Transportation Fee, No smoking indoors allowed (Designated smoking area), etc.


Required Skills


- 5年以上の業務システム開発経験(基本・詳細設計、実装、テスト)

- 3年以上の下記いずれかのプログラミング経験(標準的なコーディング・スキルがあれば良く、スペシャリストである必要はない)

- Languages (either of these): Java、C++/C#、PHP、JavaScript、Ruby、Python等

- HTML、CSSなどプレゼンテーション層言語の経験

- MVCなどアプリケーション・アーキテクチャの理解

- REST、APIの利用経験

- アプリケーション・サーバ、Webサーバなどミドルウェアに対する知識・経験

- relational / non-relational DBMSの知識・経験

- Agileでの開発実践経験

- Microsoft Office 365 (特にPower Platform, Teams, SharePoint) の知識・経験

- コミュニケーション・スキル など


* It is not necessary to apply to all of the following

- 5 years or more of business system development experience (basic/detailed design, implementation, testing)

- 3 years or more of programming experience with any of the following (standard coding skills are all you need; you don't have to be a specialist)

- Languages (either one of them): Java, C ++ / C #, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, etc.

- Experience in presentation layer languages ​​such as HTML and CSS

- Understanding application architecture such as MVC

- REST, API usage experience

- Knowledge and experience of middleware such as application servers and web servers

- Knowledge / experience of relational / non-relational DBMS

- Development practice experience with Agile

- Knowledge and experience of Microsoft Office 365 (especially Power Platform, Teams, SharePoint) 

- Communication skill etc.