Business Analyst

Job Type
8,000,000 JPY - 9,500,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Fluent (TOEIC 990)
Start Date


This is an amazing opportunity to join one of the top consulting firms in the world that utilizes cutting edge technology. This position will support the digitalization of the company's own services as well as the digital transformation of their clients.

You will implement innovative technology solutions, using the latest technologies in a cost-effective way by determining the requirements of a project or program, and communicating them clearly to stakeholders, facilitators and partners.

The Functional Analyst is responsible for meeting with internal clients to outline business problems, identify requirements, and work with a development team to recommend technology solutions to address the business needs. The Functional Analyst is the subject matter expert on the various areas and products assigned.

The career path for Functional Analysts is to become Business Development Consultants, Product Owners, or Management.

‐ Interact with business customers to understand and document their business processes and requirements.
‐ Perform gap analysis to determine system configuration and development changes.
‐ Create business requirements documents, system configuration documents, detailed functional design documents, test plans and test cases, user training documents and implementation documents.
‐ Work with the business and development team to design and implement system modifications.
‐ Work with partners, developers and support to research, document and resolve issues.





‐ ビジネス顧客と連携して、ビジネスプロセス及び要件を理解して文書化する
‐ システム構成及び開発変更を決定するために、ギャップ分析を実行する
‐ ビジネス要件文書、システム構成文書、詳細な機能設計文書、テスト計画とテストケース、ユーザートレーニング文書、実装文書を作成する
‐ ビジネスや開発チームと連携して、システム変更の設計、実装する
‐ パートナー、開発者、サポートチームと協力して、問題の調査、書面化、そして問題を解決する

【会社概要 | Company Details】
Our client is a global consulting firm that established a Japanese corporation in 2014. They have strengths in M&A and business strategies, boasting an error rate close to zero.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:15 - 17:15(Mon - Fri)

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays

【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】

各種社会保険完備(厚生年金保険、健康保険、労災保険、雇用保険)、 屋内原則禁煙(屋外に喫煙所あり)、 通勤交通費支給等

Social insurance, Transportation Fee, No smoking indoors allowed (Designated smoking area), etc.

Required Skills

‐ Must have strong technology, analytical skills
‐ Detail oriented, analytical and inquisitive
‐ Ability to impact operations and effect change without being confrontational
‐ Extremely organized with strong time-management skills

‐ 技術スキル、分析スキル
‐ 細部に気を配れる方
‐ 対立することなく、オペレーションをまとめ、改善できる能力
‐ 時間管理スキル

Preferred Skills

‐ Experience working with cross-functional development team.
‐ In-depth knowledge of software development lifecycles including Agile development and testing.
‐ Experience in Tax, Audit, Financial Advisory, or Management Consulting
‐ Knowledge of database concepts like DBMS, ETL and SQL
‐ Experience with Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
‐ Experience with Microsoft Azure DevOps or JIRA
‐ Experience working in Scrum framework

‐ クロスファンクショナル開発チームでの経験
‐ アジャイル開発及びテストを含めた、ソフトウェア開発ライフサイクルの知識
‐ 税務、監査、財務顧問、又は経営コンサルティングの経験
‐ DBMS、ETL、SQLなどのデータベースの概念の知識
‐ Microsoft Office (PowerPoint、Excelなど)の経験
‐ Microsoft Azure DevOps又はJIRAの経験
‐ Scrumフレームワークの経験