Business Service Delivery Leader

Job Type
10,000,000 JPY - 14,000,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
English Level
Fluent (TOEIC 990)
Start Date


A leading global insurance group is seeking a Business Service Delivery Leader to support enterprise Information Security policy, standards, projects and practices across the Japan Businesses.

‐ Lead delivery of the Company’s information security strategy across the business environments
‐ Collaborate with global Information Security Office Leaders and colleagues to ensure applicable Business requirements related to global cyber security service delivery, transparency and communication are effectively delivered.
‐ Track and report compliance with ISO policies and standards in coordination with the ISO and BSO leadership team.
‐ Extract key insights from various data stores and develop reporting to effectively communicate actionable recommendations.
‐ Lead and provide Cybersecurity project oversight and coordination across all Businesses globally ensuring appropriate delivery while balancing Business impact.
‐ Identify and understand key business processes, systems and specific security needs critical to Business Unit, and ensure they are incorporated into the overall cybersecurity strategy.
‐ Assist to develop business cases, secure leadership sponsorship, and drive adoption and implementation of security projects and programs.
‐ Ensure customer, contractual and regulatory security requirements are being met by the business units.
‐ Ensure security issues are addressed with timely, appropriate responses to minimize the impact to the Businesses, or its assets, customers or reputation.
‐ Monitor, evaluates and reports key risk performance metrics recommending corrective action programs as appropriate, and drives remediation items to completion.
‐ Prepare formal presentations, budgets, business requirements and general project specifications.
‐ Manage a team of high performing professional of diverse perspectives.


‐ 情報セキュリティ戦略担当
‐ グローバル情報セキュリティオフィスとの協力、グローバルサイバーセキュリティのサービスデリバリー、透明性、コミュニケーションなどのビジネス要件の提供
‐ ISOとBSOリーダーシップチームとの連携、ISOポリシー及び規格へのコンプライアンス追跡、報告
‐ データストアから重要事項抽出、推奨事項の報告
‐ サイバーセキュリティプロジェクトの監視、調整
‐ ビジネスユニットのプロセス、システム、セキュリティニーズの特定し、サイバーセキュリティ戦略を統合させる
‐ ビジネスの開発支援、スポンサーシップ取得、セキュリティプロジェクトとプログラムの採用と実装の促進、実装
‐ 事業部門が顧客、計客、規制のセキュリティ要件を満たすことを確実する
‐ 事業、資産、顧客への悪影響を最小限に抑えるセキュリティの対応、解決
‐ リスクパフォーマンスのトリック監視、評価、報告、是正措置プログラムの推奨、推進
‐ 正式なプレゼンテーション、予算、ビジネス要件、及び一般的なプロジェクト仕様の準備
‐ チーム管理

【会社概要 | Company Details】
Our client is large global insurance firm. The company is building on the past to redefine insurance through innovation, backed by the best talent, tools, and technology. The company has provided financial services for about 100 years in more than 80 countries.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:00 - 18:00(月 - 金)

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays

【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】

各種社会保険完備(厚生年金保険、健康保険、労災保険、雇用保険)、 屋内原則禁煙(屋外に喫煙所あり)、 通勤交通費支給等

Social insurance, Transportation Fee, No smoking indoors allowed (Designated smoking area), etc.

Required Skills

‐ Experience in information security management and/or related technology functions , preferably in a global, financial services firm
‐ Experience leading security teams
‐ Ability to communicate security risks in business terms to all levels of the organization
‐ Knowledge and experience implementing risk management principles and security metrics
‐ Experience operating in a global environment including familiarity with local laws and regulations in foreign countries

‐ 情報セキュリティの管理経験、または関連する技術機能の経験(外資系金融会社における経験が望ましい)
‐ セキュリティチームのリード経験
‐ 組織の全部門へセキュリティリスクを伝えるコミュニケーション能力
‐ リスク管理の原則及びセキュリティメトリックの実装経験、知識
‐ 各国の法律や規制の知識を必要とするグローバルな環境での経験

Preferred Skills

‐ Experience in financial or insurance industry preferred

‐ 金融又は保険業界における経験