Helpdesk Specialist

Job Type
2,500 JPY - 3,150 JPY per hour
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A global healthcare company with a fun and relaxed workplace with a convenient location is looking for experienced Help Desk Specialist.

The position is responsible for providing technical assistance and support related to computer systems, hardware, or software. Responds to inquiries, runs diagnostic programs, isolates problem, and determines and implements solution. When necessary, communicate with US IT team in the timely manner to solve the issue or execute the infrastructure related projects
We offer you a fun and relaxed workplace, the freedom and financial stability to perform your job to the fullest, great advancement opportunities, and a convenient office location in the middle of Tokyo Tower area.

‐ Work closely with other IT members as well as the Global IT team located in HQ to provide the effective support and solution to all IT functions in the office
‐ Build the strong relationship with local employees and keep being the focal point for any infrastructure related troubles or question
‐ Understand the function and capability of both hardware and software available in the local office, and constantly look for the better source to purchase H/W and S/W
‐ Keep tracking of H/W and S/W assets managed by IT and document the history
‐ To ensure employees work smoothly, this role provides supports for end-user PC’s, mobile devices, LAN/WAN/Wireless connectivity, AV/conference systems, and other basic supports: print, software, and file storage. Supports Include on-site and remote manners.
‐ Responsible for network and service connectivity including file servers, routers, switches, telephone and FAX services
‐ Provide appropriate technical assistance and support for incoming queries and issues related to computer systems, hardware, and software in timely manner
‐ Respond to queries either in person or over the phone/email/ticketing system
‐ Maintain effective documentation for raised inquiry and request using the dedicated system
‐ Install, modify, and repair computer hardware and software based on the request
‐ Strong communication with both users and IT members to identify the suitable assignee and when to escalate
‐ Constantly improve the existing process and suggest process/tools that may enhance the corporate efficiency
‐ Manage IT fixed assets: Cooperate with Finance and Admin team for tracking IT fixed assets.



- 本国グローバルITチームや他ITメンバーと緊密に連携し、オフィス内のすべてのIT機能に効果的なサポートとソリューションを提供する
- ローカルスタッフとの信頼関係を築き、インフラ関連のトラブル発生時などに対応する
- 地元のオフィスで利用可能なハードウェアとソフトウェアの機能を理解し、常にH / WとS / Wを購入するためのより良い情報源を探す
- ITチームによって管理されているH / WおよびS / W資産を追跡し、履歴を文書化する
- 従業員が円滑に仕事をするために、この役割は、エンドユーザーのPC、モバイルデバイス、LAN / WAN /ワイヤレス接続、AV /会議システム、およびその他の基本的なサポート(印刷、ソフトウェア、ファイルストレージ)オンサイト及びリモート対応含む
- ファイルサーバ、ルータ、スイッチ、電話およびFAXサービスを含むネットワークおよびサービスの継続的なサポート
- コンピュータシステム、ハードウェア、およびソフトウェアに関する問い合わせや問題に適切なテクニカルサポートをタイムリーに提供する
- 直接または電話/ Eメール/発券システムを介してクエリに応答する
- 専用システムを使用して、問い合わせや要望への対応を書面化する
- 要求に基づいてコンピュータのハードウェアおよびソフトウェアをインストール、変更、および修復する
- 適切な担当者とエスカレートする時期を特定するため、ユーザーとITメンバーの両方との強力なコミュニケーション
- 既存のプロセスを常に改善し、企業の効率性を高める可能性のあるプロセス/ツールを提案する
- IT固定資産の管理:財務および管理チームと協力してIT固定資産を追跡する

【会社概要 | Company Details】
An American lifestyle brand, committed to "safety and ease" and make product proposals that mind the inside and outside of the body as well as the global environment.

【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:00 - 17:00 or 10:00 - 18:00(Mon - Fri)

【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays

【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】
Social insurance, Transportation Fee, Skillhouse Benefit

Required Skills

‐ Experience in Windows Server, Active Directory, and Remote Desktop Service.
‐ Experience in basic network support (LAN connection, switch/hub/router setting) and security fundamentals
‐ Experience in Helpdesk / Desktop task such as trouble-shooting desktop, laptop, printer, hardware, software, and other peripheral device issues
‐ Experience in Microsoft Windows version 7, 8.1, 10 support
‐ Experience in Apple Macintosh OS X support (not compulsory)