Test Design Engineer

Job Type
7,500,000 JPY - 9,500,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
Intermediate (JLPT Level 3)
English Level
Fluent (TOEIC 990)
Start Date


One of the top E-commerce companies is expanding not only domestically but globally. The company currently operates about 70 services. Among more than 70 services, the online travel service also aims to be No 1 travel platform in the world.
Online travel service offers not only domestic hotel reservation but also packages with air tickets, Shinkansen tickets, bus tickets and rental cars. Additionally, overseas hotels, overseas hotel packages with air ticket, and multilingual site.

Doing wide scale development, operation, and maintenance day by day. This position needs to do design, item creation, execution, management, and results analysis for test and propose quality improvement.

‐ Analyze business requirement with stakeholders and create the most suitable plan for quality assurance.
‐ Planning from test design up to test execution
‐ Test result analysis and project coordination
‐ Draw up quality improvement plan and quality standard to business and development.


‐ 事業の要件をヒアリングし、最適な品質保証プランの立案
‐ テスト設計から実施までのプランニング
‐ テスト結果の分析等、プロジェクト推進及びプロジェクトの統括
‐ 事業、開発への品質改善提案や品質基準の策定
【会社概要 | Company Details】
Our client is a large global Internet service company that has enjoyed sustained growth as they continue to expand their business in various new areas and industries. This is a great opportunity to work in a diverse and international environment in Japan. Our client actively strives to be an equal opportunity employer, and they have many female and foreign nationals in upper management positions. Their brand has also gained global recognition as they sponsor some of the world's most famous sports teams. Our client prides themselves in providing a comfortable working environment for their employees. Engineers are welcome to choose their own setup (Windows/Mac, etc.); whatever makes them comfortable! Free meals are also provided at the company cafeteria. Their chefs work to create exciting new menus and dishes, so employees never get tired of the food!
【就業時間 | Working Hours】
9:00 - 17:30(Mon - Fri)
【休日休暇 | Holidays】
Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays, Year-end and New Year Holidays, Paid Holidays, Other Special Holidays
【待遇・福利厚生 | Services / Benefits】
Social insurance, Transportation Fee

Required Skills

‐ Building Java applications, preferably backend services with APIs.
‐ Experience in test planning, design, evaluation, and analysis for web services.
‐ Experience in testing web application with vulnerability test.
‐ Experience in test management (including coordination with stakeholder).
‐ Can propose improvement of test process and test execution procedures.
‐ Highly motivated to find problems and improvements without being bound by the existing process
‐ Experience in proposing test tools needed in the test process.(development tool, project & bug management tool, test automation tool)

‐ Web系サービスのテスト計画・設計・評価・分析を含めた一連の業務経験のある方
‐ Webアプリケーションによるテスト、脆弱性テストに関する経験のある方
‐ テストマネジメント(各部署との調整含む)の経験のある方
‐ テストプロセス、実施ルールの改善提案することができる
‐ 既存のプロセスにとらわれず、課題を発見し改善することをに意欲のある方
‐ テストプロセスに必要なツールの提案、導入の経験のある方
‐ 開発ツール、プロジェクト及びバグ管理ツール、テスト自動化ツール)

Preferred Skills

‐ Dev experience of web application (include smart phone dev)
‐ Experience in leading a test project (offsite, offshore experience is preferred)

‐ Webアプリケーションの開発経験(スマートフォン含む)
‐ テストプロジェクトのリーダー経験(オフサイト、オフショア経験あれば尚可)