iOS/Android Engineer

Job Type
年収:600万円 - 1000万円(経験に基づく)
Japanese Level
Intermediate (JLPT Level 3)
English Level
Intermediate (TOEIC 600)
Start Date




‐ 新機能や新サービスのアプリケーション設計、開発からテスト、サービスインまでを一貫して担当
‐ 銀行・グループ企業が備える多数のシステム、プラットフォーム、インフラストラクチャーを利用してスピーディーに開発を行う
‐ 不具合の調査と対策の実施
‐ 継続的なシステムやUIの改善

‐ 主にWeb層、Javaのアーキテクチャ設計
‐ 開発プロセス設計
‐ 技術指針の策定、技術レビュー、次世代エンジニアの育成
‐ 次世代システムのアーキテクチャ構想立案と実現

One of Major Internet bank which boast top-class accounts is looking for Android / iOS native application engineers who can work in a position close to the user oriented point of view in usability and design.
For this position particularly we welcome people who have the motivation and skills to be an engineer leader.

[Main responsibilities]
‐ In charge of consistent application design and development of new functions and services, development to testing, and service in
‐ Speedy development using multiple systems, platforms and infrastructures provided by banks and group companies
‐ Investigation of problems and implementation of measures
‐ Continuous system and UI improvement

※ If you aime to the engineer leader,
‐ Mainly web layer, architecture design of Java
‐ Development process design
‐ Formulation of technical guidelines, technical review, training of next-generation engineers
‐ Planning and realization of next-generation system architecture

A Top-class Internet Banking company with full potential for continuing to rapidly develop with a full lineup of financial services comparable to megabanks, through ingenious and thorough operations.

9:00 - 17:30(月 - 金)



Required Skills

‐ AndroidまたはiOSのnativeアプリの開発経験
‐ WebAPIを使って、サーバとの送受信を行うアプリのコーディング経験
‐ Android Studio, Gradle, Xcode, Gitなどの各種ツールを用いた開発経験

-Development experience of Android or iOS native apps
-The coding experience of the application which sends and receives with the server using Web API
-Development experience using various tools such as Android Studio, Gradle, Xcode, Git

Preferred Skills