Security Engineer

Job Type
700,000 JPY - 750,000 JPY per month
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A global insurance firm is hiring a Security Engineer to join their IT Security Risk and Compliance team.


The ITSRC (IT Security, Risk & Compliance) Security Engineer role is focused around two main areas;

‐Security Review

‐Threat and Vulnerability management


【This includes】

‐Responding to and documenting security threats

‐The monitoring of security measures for the protection of computer systems, networks and information systems

‐Review of system security requirements and contribution of feedback for security designs


The team is also responsible for Threat and Vulnerability Management with the responsibility of completing a thorough risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities within a network, and creating firewalls, or configuring systems to enhance existing security features.


【Security Review】

The Security review role of ITSRC is responsible for reviewing requests pertaining to security matters such as Firewall, Active Directory, and Infrastructure, to ensure that they adhere to company policy and standards. As such, baseline knowledge of network interactivity and acceptable practices is involved.


【Security Review Responsibilities】

‐Understanding complex technical security issues within the business

‐Strong understanding of TCP/IP networking

‐Risk review and assessment

‐Firewall and Active Directory reviews


【Threat and Vulnerability Management】

The Threat and Vulnerability Management role of ITSRC is responsible for tracking and ensuring the vulnerabilities detected are passed to the appropriate teams and escalating appropriately when these are not actioned within the acceptable timeframe. This requires frequent customized report generation and understanding of the vulnerabilities and who they should be escalated to.


【Threat and Vulnerability Management key responsibilities】

‐Identifying and tracking current and emerging technology issues including vulnerabilities and threats

‐Liaising with appropriate teams to resolve vulnerabilities


【Security Engineer Overall Responsibilities】

‐Prepare and document standard operating procedures and protocols

‐Work with the appropriate teams and tools to help mitigate security vulnerabilities

‐Work within the team to ensure that the appropriate persons know as much as possible, as quickly as possible, about security incidents and that they are appropriately tracked

‐Creating comprehensive reports regarding existing vulnerabilities, their current statuses and all appropriate supplemental information





ITSRC (ITセキュリティ、リスク、コンプライアンス) のセキュリティエンジニアは下記の分野を担当いただきます。












ファイアウォール、Active Directory、インフラなどのセキュリティに関する要求を、会社のポリシー及び標準に準拠するよう、レビューします。






‐ファイアウォール及びActive Directoryのレビュー














Required Skills

‐Experience in Infrastructure IT Security including network, firewall and TCP/IP

‐Understanding of TCP/IP, Firewall, active directory

‐Experience threat and vulnerability management

‐Strong documentation skills




‐TCP/IP、Firewall、active directoryの理解



Preferred Skills