Java Software Engineer

Job Type
9,000,000 JPY - 10,500,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
English Level
Fluent (TOEIC 990)
Start Date


Global FMCG Company is hiring a Java Software Engineer. If you want to be part of a truly dynamic worldwide team dedicated to a bold new vision, you are encouraged to apply!

If you are tired of being one of the many, and would like to become one of the few, join them in their Digital Transformation journey. Apart from the excitement of architecting the future, as a Software Engineer, you will be responsible for providing a Product Team with technical knowledge, guidance and deliverables that relates to designing, delivering and supporting bleeding edge applications, its components and interfacing them with an external world.
‐ Addressing complex business challenges with bleeding edge software and platform designs.
‐ Deliver high-quality code (contributing to solution efficiency and reliability) and be a role model for others to follow
‐ Lead other developers working in the Team to maintain consistent quality and delivery pace
‐ Include DevOps elements into Team operation and Product Backlog if required
‐ Collaborate with Product Owners and the Team to ensure user stories are specific, clear and well estimated
‐ Support Customer Experience Strategists, Content Designers and Interaction Designers by providing proof of concept for proposed designs as well as implementing them
‐ Document working software in a an pre-agreed form while keeping a required level of comments in the code (as per Definition of Done)
‐ Troubleshoot issues and provide fixes that address root cause of specific problems

Required Skills

‐ Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related
‐ Experience in software development
‐ Experience in working within SCRUM Teams
‐ Experienced with TDD, DevOps and PaaS/IaaS services (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Azure)
‐ Proficiency in JAVA / J2EE / EJB / JDBC / SQL / HTML / WebServices (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC)
‐ Expert in development patterns and principles and in CI/CD methodology as well as having strong automation experience
‐ Excellent understanding of enterprise software technologies and development practices/tools, (virtual environments, source control, build and test automation)
‐ Readiness to re-locate