Information Security Specialist

Job Type
8,000,000 JPY - 10,000,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A household name non-life insurance brand is hiring an Information Security Specialist who reports to the local Regional Information Security Officer (RISO) and will be responsible for working with the RISO in setting the standards, policies, guidelines and implementation of the technology security policies, process and tools across the organization.

‐ Implementing the technology security policies, processes and tools across the organization
‐ Conducting an Information Security & Risk Assessment for the internal systems / applications and the 3rd parties
‐ Collaborating closely with the US, UK, APAC security teams
‐ Attending regular evening Security calls and ad-hoc communication with the international colleagues after hours
‐ Assisting the security awareness training plan for employees
‐ Working closely with the business areas and the system / application teams to close security vulnerabilities
‐ Supporting the internal and external Audit related activities
‐ Managing the matrix gathering for various reports




- 組織全体に技術セキュリティポリシー、プロセス、ツールを実装する
- 内部システム/アプリケーション及び外部システムの情報セキュリティおよびリスクアセスメントの実施
- 米国、英国、APACのセキュリティチームと緊密に連携
- 定期的な夜間のセキュリティコールと勤務時間外の海外チームとの連絡
- 従業員のためのセキュリティ意識啓発計画の支援
- ビジネス部門とシステム/アプリケーションチームと密接に連携してセキュリティの脆弱性を解決する
- 内部及び外部監査関連活動の支援
- さまざまなレポートのマトリクス収集の管理

Required Skills

‐ Prior experience in setting standards and policies for the organization.
‐ Prior experience in an IT risk and control role
‐ Prior experience in conducting an Information Security & Risk Assessment
‐ Prior experience in project management
‐ Ability to manage multi-task assignments and efficiently prioritize workload with limited supervision
‐ Good analytical skills
‐ Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, in English and Japanese



- 組織の基準及びポリシーの設定経験
- ITリスクとコントロールの経験
- 情報セキュリティ&リスクアセスメントの経験
- プロジェクト管理経験
- 最小限の監督の下で様々なタスクを管理し、効率的に作業を優先順位付けできる能力
- 優れた分析能力
- 日英の優れた口頭・書面でのコミュニケーション能力