Data Engineer

Job Type
Japanese Level
Intermediate (JLPT Level 3)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date




‐ データ解析基盤の構築と運用
‐ ビッグデータ収集とIoT構築
‐ バッチ、リアルタイムデータ解析プログラム構築
‐ データ保持に関するガバナンスとそのセキュリティ保持
‐ 異常検出基盤の構築

A listed apparel company is always looking to improve on our existing services and user experience. Data analytics and science provide robust ways to achieve this. The data originates from real stores, e-commerce sites, microservices, and enterprise systems across various brands and geographical regions. As a Data Engineer, you will be developing and managing data infrastructure, while assisting data science/analytics team from an engineering perspective. Involvement in data science projects involving technologies such as deep learning and other forms of machine learning is also a possibility.

You are expected to hit the ground running, and work independently or as part of small teams. You will work alongside progressive teams striving to use modern development methodologies and technology stacks. The ultimate goal is to support business decision-making and create new avenues of business using cutting-edge data technology.

‐ Development/management of data analytics infrastructure (e.g. data lake)
‐ Big data and IoT preparedness
‐ Involvement in data science projects
‐ Data governance and security
‐ Data flow management (pipelines)
‐ Management of logging infrastructure and fault detection

【会社概要 | Company Details】

Our client is a listed apparel company which has succesfully expanded their business across the US, Europe and Asia. The company is merging their e-commerce sites, mobile apps, and stores into a simple shopping experience to improve usability. They have been actively working to strengthen the organization as well as developing IT systems in-house. This is a great opportunity to join this famous company in their transition stage! Great work life balance and benefits!

フレックスタイム制/ Flex time



Required Skills

‐ クラウド基盤における、統計手法を用いたデータ解析バックエンド処理の構築とその運用の経験
‐ Hadoopエコシステム、もしくはNoSQL, AWS RDS, Elasticsearch, data marts, data lakes等に実務的見識があること
‐ データ解析で利用されるR, Python, Scala, Javaについて実務的見識があること
‐ 形式的でなく、独力で迅速にアプリケーションを構築できること
‐ 自然科学等の定量的手法を用いる学問領域における学士以上の資格を有すること

‐ Experience in data engineering/science or other related backend development/operations in the cloud
‐ Familiarity with Hadoop ecosystem OR Worked with large data storage or warehousing solutions including NoSQL, AWS RDS, Elasticsearch, data marts, data lakes, etc…
‐ Familiarity with some languages used in data analytics and science, e.g. R, Python, Scala, Java
‐ Casual/open-minded
‐ B.Sc or M.Sc in a quantitative field (or equivalent)

Preferred Skills

‐ クラウド基盤における、統計手法を用いたデータ解析バックエンド処理の構築とその運用の3年以上の経験があること
‐ HDP, CDH, Redshift, EMR, Hive, HBase, Spark, Storm, NiFi等の並列処理系の高度な見識を有すること
‐ データ解析、科学の分野におけるR, Python, Scala, Java等の高度な見識を有すること
‐ データガバナンスとそのセキュリティポリシー策定に経験があること
‐ バッチ処理系と併せ、ストリーミングを用いたリアルタイム処理に経験があること
‐ アルゴリズムの開発知識と分散処理についての見識を有すること

‐ 3+ years of experience in data engineering/science or other related backend development/operations in the cloud
‐ Additional knowledge of advanced data management/processing, e.g. HDP, CDH, Redshift, EMR, Hive, HBase, Spark, Storm, NiFi, etc…
‐ Advanced knowledge of languages used in data analytics and science, e.g. R, Python, Scala, Java
‐ Some experience with data governance and security policies
‐ Some experience with real-time streaming and batch data processing
‐ Knowledge of algorithm development and distributed processing