Solution Architect (SA)

Job Type
6,000,000 JPY - 12,000,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A large global IT company is currently hiring a Solution Architect who will be a key member of the Professional Services Team.
He/she will be responsible for working on key implementation, migration and delivery related customer engagements for local Japanese customers.

‐ Provides proactive recommendations to the customer for improving their use of the storage solutions to help maximize their satisfaction. Actively contributes to the configuration, layout and performance tuning of our products.
‐ Technical knowledge on various our Storage products
‐ Good understanding on IT Operations, ITIL Processes, Policies, and Compliance with exposure and familiarity on a Shared Services type of operations on both regional and global infrastructure.
‐ Experience in managing storage migration technology.
‐ Participates in the design and operational execution of the customer's disaster recovery process as required. Performs necessary storage infrastructure maintenance and necessary data migration, as required. Provides assistance to technical teams in the development of custom solutions and implementation preparation.
‐ Responsible for performing daily operational tasks and maintaining availability at the customer site(s). Provisions solutions based on standardized procedures as outlined by best practice documentation.
‐ Installs software products in a Mainframe and/or Open Systems hardware environment. Performs complex and/or extended-stay software implementations per the specifications in the Statement of Work, Scope document, Architecture Design Document or Project Manager direction.
‐ Manages relationship with Customers utilizing negotiation and influencing skills to acquire the internal and external resources necessary for optimal results.
‐ Seeks advice or assistance from management and/or Technical Support as required during difficult customer situations. Works in conjunction with colleagues to ensure effective resolution of technical issues encountered during implementations.
‐ Represents in a professional manner to customers, Partners and other personnel at all times.




‐ 顧客満足度を最大限に高めるため、ストレージソリューションの使用改善について積極的に提案を行う。(製品の構成、レイアウト、パフォーマンスチューニング)
‐ さまざまなストレージ製品の技術的知識を提供
‐ ITオペレーション、ITILプロセス、ポリシー、コンプライアンスに十分な理解を持ち、地域/グローバルのインフラにおけるShared Servicesタイプの運用を実施
‐ ストレージ移行技術の管理
‐ 必要に応じて、顧客の災害復旧プロセスの設計および運用実行に参加。必要なストレージインフラの保守と必要なデータ移行の実施。カスタムソリューションの開発と実装準備における技術チームへの支援。
‐ 客先に常駐して毎日の運用タスクを実行し、可用性を維持。ベストプラクティスにより標準化された手順に基づくソリューションを提供。
‐ メインフレーム及び/又はオープンシステムのハードウェア環境にソフトウェア製品をインストール。SoW、スコープドキュメント、設計デザイン文書またはプロジェクトマネージャーの指示に従って、仕様ごとに複雑又は長期にわたるソフトウェア実装を実行。
‐ 交渉・影響能力を使い、顧客との関係を管理し、最適な結果に必要な内外のリソースを獲得する。困難な状況の中で、必要に応じてマネージメント及び/又はテクニカルサポートから助言を得る。

Required Skills

‐ Level 2 or Level 3 System Administration in Unix flavors such as Solaris or HPUX or AIX or Linux Redhat.
‐ Preference to have worked on Windows Server Environment.
‐ Data Migration skill set using host based utilities such as LVM Mirroring, VxVM Mirroring and etc.
‐ Knowledge in SAN/EMC Products is advantageous.
‐ Knowledge in VMWare/Virtualization is nice to have



‐ SolarisやHPUX、AIX、Linux Red HatなどのUNIXフレーバでのレベル2又はレベル3のシステム管理
‐ Windows Server環境での作業経験
‐ LVMミラーリング、VxVMミラーリングなどのホストベースのユーティリティを使用したデータ移行スキルセット
‐ SAN / EMC製品の知識(歓迎)
‐ VMWare / Virtualizationに関する知識(尚可)