Junior IT Digitalization Architect

Job Type
450,000 JPY - 500,000 JPY per month
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date



This is a fantastic opportunity to work for a globally operating, multicultural company to gain professional experiences!


Division/Project Details

Successful candidate will be engaged in multiple tasks and responsibilities.

We are looking for a motivated young IT professional with excellent communication/coordination skills to join our team, to push enhancement of our IT services from sales support systems and applications, marketing platforms, distributor platform, customer service and CRM related systems and applications, etc.


Position Detail

As an IT Digitalization Architect for Sales/Customer Service and Marketing, you will be responsible for the following tasks ranging from;

- Web, Mobile apps development management

- Trouble shooting

- Involvement in Business process within the department*

         *Consult/support various teams to drive the digital transformation





‐ Web、モバイルアプリ開発管理
‐ トラブルシューティング
‐ 部門内のビジネスプロセスへの関与*

Required Skills

- Understanding of IT infrastructure, including middleware

- Web, Mobile apps development management experiences

- Solid experiences of integrating web/mobiles apps with back end system, such as SAP,

- Oracle, and Mainframe

- Experiences in Client/Server Infrastructure setup, Azure platform management for business demands

- Good understanding of IT project cycle

- Documentation/reporting skills in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

- Strong communication, coordination, and organization skills

- Good command of both Japanese and English

- Readiness to work under time pressure and be able to adjust quickly to IT or project demands



‐ ミドルウェアを含むITインフラの理解
‐ Web、モバイルアプリ開発管理の経験
‐ Web /モバイルアプリとバックエンドシステム(SAPなど)を統合した実績
‐ オラクル、メインフレーム
‐ クライアント/サーバーインフラのセットアップ、ビジネス・デマンドのためのAzureプラットフォーム管理の経験
‐ ITプロジェクトサイクルの十分な理解
‐ Excel、Word、およびPowerPointでのドキュメント/レポートスキル
‐ 優れたコミュニケーション、コーディネーション、組織スキル
‐ 時間的なプレッシャーの下で作業し、ITやプロジェクトの要求に素早く対応できる方