Operation Staff (Database, SQL)

Job Type
Based on Experience
Japanese Level
English Level
High Intermediate (TOEIC 730)
Start Date


【英語を活かせる!】 【金融の知識が身につく!】




Candidates will be a member of the operation team. The team is responsible for correct file/ data delivery to clients, including trouble shooting and maintenance/ development of our application/process. The data the team handles mainly consists of end-of-day or similar valuation price data (equities and bonds) from approximately 100 markets around the world. Candidates work under time pressure and needs to be able to grasp a complex array of interdependent and exemplify team spirit. We reward our employees’ dedication by investing in their growth and development whilst also encouraging them to innovate and explore new paths.


The Tasks

‐ Check the accuracy of data products
‐ Responsible for client-side applications and systems for clients in Japan
‐ Maintain/ improve applications/ products (actual developing is done by partnering vendors).
‐ Be customer contact for technical issues and general operational handling, and coordinate with partnering vendors and IT team in Swiss head quarter.
‐ Propose and implement workflow improvements
‐ Be involved in new ways of delivering data to clients (with Business Development, Sales)


Shift work:

Saturday and public holiday by rotation.
This shift work is for 6 hours, by remote access from home, which is compensated by makeup holiday or holiday allowance. There is also 7:30 to 16:30 shift every few weeks.




‐ データ製品の精度をチェックする
‐ クライアント側のアプリケーションと日本のクライアント向けシステムを担当
‐ アプリケーション/製品の保守/改善(実際の開発は、パートナーベンダーによって行われる)
‐ テクニカルな問題や一般的な運用上の取り扱いに関して顧客と連絡をとり、パートナーベンダーや本社のITチームと調整する。
‐ ワークフローの改善を提案し実装する
‐ ビジネス開発、セールスと共に顧客にデータを提供する新しい方法を考える


Required Skills

The following qualities and experience are highly desirable:

‐ Operating Systems and Databases
‐ Knowledge of market data
‐ Knowledge/Understanding of Financial terms & industry such as banks and securities
‐ Excellent Japanese and English written and spoken
‐ Good presentation and documentation skills
‐ Good communication skills (oral and written)
‐ Basic knowledge of IT, such as FTP server, IP, network, Win/Linux OS, and some financial IT systems



‐ オペレーティングシステムとデータベース
‐ 市場データの知識
‐ 銀行や証券などの財務用語と業界の知識/理解
‐ 優れたプレゼンテーションとドキュメント作成スキル
‐ 優れたコミュニケーションスキル(口頭と書面)
‐ FTPサーバー、IP、ネットワーク、Win / Linux OS、および一部の金融ITシステムなどのITに関する基礎知識