Server Side Engineer (Common infrastructure / Service development)

Job Type
5,500,000 JPY - 9,000,000 JPY per year (negotiable based on experience)
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


An online English conversation company is hiring a server side engineer. You will be responsible for the design, development, operation and service development of the common infrastructure used in each of the company's services. As a part of the core engineering team, you will actively introduce new technologies and act as a technical leader for other teams.


【Job Details】

‐Design and build a common infrastructure architecture using AWS and OSS

‐API development and operation using GO

‐Web application development using PHP7

‐Event log collection of each system

‐Design, construction, and technical selection of data analysis infrastructure

‐Optimize CI/CD using the latest version of GitLab


【Why you should join our team】

‐You can make a huge social impact on society through engineering, by solving issues and problems related to the underdeveloped field of language learning.

‐You can challenge unknown themes and areas in EdTech, utilizing over 600,000 people’s learning data and the voice data from over 15,000 lessons every day.

‐You can select and utilize new and exciting technologies

‐You can gain experience developing projects with overseas teams


This is also a fantastic opportunity to learn English! You will be able to collaborate with our Philippine office. We also offer the option to take language classes during business hours.























Required Skills

‐Server-side web application development and operation experience using PHP

‐Application development and operation experience using RDBMS (MySQL)

‐Team development experience using Git

‐Basic knowledge of Linux

※We do not require any English ability. We have many employees who had a TOEIC score of 300 when they joined the company and have been able to successfully collaborate and work with overseas members. We also offer opportunities to take English lessons during working hours.





※現時点での英語力は不要です。入社時 TOEIC300点で自ら学習して海外メンバーと協働しているメンバーも多数在籍しております。業務時間中のレッスン受講も可能であり、技術だけでなく英語力も身につき、新しいキャリア形成が可能です。

Preferred Skills

‐Application development using GO

‐AWS architecture design and development experience using Lambda and API Gateway

‐Development and operation experience in Docker environment

‐Experience constructing data analysis infrastructure using BigQuery, etc.

‐Tuning experience on load coverage, server, DB, etc.

‐CI/CD implementation experience using GitLab

‐Security inspection experience

‐Experience working with foreigners


‐Lambda、API Gatewayなどを利用したAWSアーキテクチャの設計、開発



‐負荷対策、サーバ、 DB 等のチューニング実務経験