Product Manager (Group Manager for Incubation Team)

Job Type
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date




‐ サービスまたは製品の戦略を計画、提案、実装する
‐ プロジェクトと製品の予算を管理する
‐ プロジェクトと製品を改善する作業をリードする
‐ サービスの品質と安定性を向上させる
‐ 製品の関係者と円滑なコミュニケーション、交渉、調整を行う
‐ メンバーの目標を設定し、キャリアとパフォーマンスの成長の観点から評価する



A global E-commerce company from Japan that is actively expanding their business internationally as well as domestically is looking for a Product Manager for their Incubation Team. Due to their E-commerce department's expansion, the company is looking for a professional who can hit the ground running as a manager.

You can propose many of your good ideas for business side and can be implemented into the service. At the same time, you can also have challenging and valuable experiences with this position as a candidate to become a group manager and manage the organization.

‐ Plan, propose and implement the strategy for the services or products
‐ Manage the budget of the projects and products
‐ Lead activities to improve the projects and products
‐ Improve service quality and stability
‐ Communicate, negotiate and adjust smoothly with product stakeholders
‐ Set members' goal and evaluate them with perspective of their career and performance growth

Required Skills

‐ 製品管理の経験
‐ インターネットサービスとEコマースビジネスに関する理解と知識
‐ サービスの開発または新しいテクノロジーの実装に熱心に取り組める方
‐ 自らのサービスに対するオーナーシップと責任感を持てる方
‐ 定量分析または定性分析に基づいて、戦略の提案を行い、優先順位を設定することができる方
‐ 開発チームのリーダーまたはマネージャー経験



‐ Experience in product management (Over 5 years)
‐ Basic understanding/knowledge about Internet services and E-Commerce businesses
‐ Passionately challenging new service development or new technology implementation
‐ Have a sense of ownership and responsibility towards your services
‐ Can make proposals and set priorities of strategies based on the quantitative or qualitative analysis
‐ Leader or manager experiences of development team

Preferred Skills

‐ Web/モバイルアプリケーションの開発・運用経験
‐ プログラミングのスキルは必要ありませんが、技術分野でエンジニアと対等にコミュニケーションが取れる方
‐ スクラム等のアジャイルプロセスによるプロジェクト管理の経験



‐ Hands-on experience in development and operation of web/mobile applications
‐ You don't have to have programming skill but it's better to communicate with engineers regarding technical area
‐ Experience in project management with Agile processes such as Scrum