Android Engineer

Job Type
年収: 600万円 - 800万円(残業代、各種手当て別途支給)
Japanese Level
High Intermediate (JLPT Level 2)
English Level
High Intermediate (TOEIC 730)
Start Date















‐ツール類についても、IT/Web開発における定番ツール(GitHub, JIRA, Slack, Jenkins, Travis CI等)を積極的に導入し、ソフトウェア開発に最適なオフィスインフラを利用可能



A world famous automobile manufacturer is looking for an android developer.

Next-generation auto mobile, AI and so on. This is fantastic opportunities to be involved in the development of cars!


【Main Responsibilities】

To develop Automotive Linux / Android utilized software.

- As a founding member of this new organization, you will be responsible to develop native Android applications dedicated to connecting cars and next generation mobility services.

- As a member of the selected team, you will actively participate in design and coding of the application as well as cooperate with other teams such as Planning, Designers, Quality Assurance.


【Why join us?】

- You will be able to influence the people around the world through products and services you have involved in development.

- For example, you will involve in the development of products and services harboring various possibilities, such as lending and borrowing a car remotely with a digital key, tracking a stolen vehicle by GPS, etc. 

- As a member of the global development team, there are environments where close collaboration with members of overseas (France etc.) and work hard and be able to compete for their skills. 

- You will be able to use the standard tools aggressively in IT / Web development (GitHub, JIRA, Slack, Jenkins, Travis CI, etc.), and be able to use the office infrastructure most suitable for software development.





Required Skills


※ 選考過程にてコーディングスキルチェックを受験頂く予定です。


- Native Android application development experiences using Java or Kotlin.

* Candidate coding skill check will be taken at the interview.    

Preferred Skills