Software Engineer

Job Type
Japanese Level
Intermediate (JLPT Level 3)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date






‐ アーキテクチャー、プロダクトマネージャー、エンジニアメンバーと協力し、機能開発のリード
‐ サービスの重要な意思決定
‐ サービス内の問題予測、発生前の解決
‐ チームに明確な優先順位をつけ、十分なリソースを保証
‐ チームメンバーの採用、育成 など



A growing HR Tech Company is looking for a software engineer to join their new business division.

【Job Details】
The company is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to lead the new product launch for our HR application. You will be responsible for developing our product, taking into account business owners', customers' and end-users' perspectives. Our applications are written in languages such as Java, Scala, JavaScript, React, Angular.

Product: SaaS application to improve productivity for human resources (e.g. hiring, on-boarding, employee self-service, employee engagement, etc.)

‐ Drive the execution and delivery of features by collaborating with architects, product owners and engineers
‐ Make critical decisions to ensure the success of the product
‐ Be proactive in foreseeing issues and resolving them before they occur
‐ Partner with POs to align objectives, priorities, tradeoffs and risks
‐ Ensure teams have clear priorities and adequate resources
‐ Advocate for technical excellence and ensure teams are making good decisions
‐ Maintain and foster our company culture by interviewing and hiring the most qualified individuals; encourage diversity

Required Skills

‐ 技術レベルの高いプロジェクトでのソフトウェア開発経験
‐ コーディング、コードレビュー、SCM、CI、ビルドプロセス、テスト等、ソフトウェアエンジニアリングのベストプラクティスに関する知識
‐ アジャイル開発手法の経験



 ‐ Software development experience on high-tech projects
‐ Knowledge of software engineering best practices such as coding, code review, SCM, CI, build process, test etc.
‐ Experience using agile development method

Preferred Skills

‐ 新規事業の立上げ経験
‐ Scala および Play Frameworkを使用した開発経験
‐ Angular、React による開発経験
‐ Android、iOS モバイルアプリケーション開発経験
‐ CI/CD 環境および DevOps文化の構築経験
‐ AWS または他社のクラウドサービス上での開発運用経験
‐ 機械学習に関する知識
‐ プロダクトマネージャー経験



‐ Experience in setting up new businesses
‐ Development experience using Scala or Play Framework
‐ Development experience using Angular or React
‐ Android/iOS mobile application development experience
‐ Experience building CI/CD and DevOps environments
‐ Experience of development operation on AWS or other cloud services
‐ Machine learning knowledge
‐ Product manager experience