Data Migration Lead (Data Migration, SQL Scripting)

Job Type
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Intermediate (TOEIC 600)
Start Date



‐ データ分析、データマッピング、データモデリング、データクレンジングを含む、さまざまなデータ移行および操作を実行する
‐ 自社または顧客のデータベースのテーブルを分析して、データの正確な操作と復旧、及び集計を行うための知識を確立する
‐ SQLスクリプトおよびプロシージャの作成
‐ SQLのパフォーマンスと最適化の分析を実行する

‐ 作業時間と納期の見積もりを提供し、ワークロードの優先順位付け、移行手順の作成、レポートの抽出とインターフェイスの作成を実行する
‐ 顧客の情報や期限のニーズを正確に満たすために、開発リクエストを翻訳する優れたなコミュニケーションスキルを発揮する
‐ エンドユーザーと協力してデータ要件を収集し、適切なテストと検証を確実に行う。標準化された及び臨機応変な作業要求についてエンドユーザーをサポートする

‐ 顧客に提示するため、詳細にソリューションを文書化する
‐ 開発者の専門知識の範囲内で、技術的な問題について顧客の相談に乗る


World's leading supplier of software solutions and services for asset finance, leasing and fleet mobility management is looking for a Data Developer who enjoys full autonomy as an individual contributor to the team in the Japan office. Full support will also be provided from the project team and Australia team. Enjoy flexible work environment in a professional setting.

Responsible for analysis, development, documentation, and support of customized migration scripts, packages and reports; for the purposes of implementation of the company's product for Automotive Leasing.

<Data Migration>
‐ Perform a range of data migration and manipulation activities including data analysis, data mapping, data modelling, data cleansing.
‐ Analyse tables in the company or Customer databases to establish knowledge of data for accurate manipulation and retrieval as well as population of data
‐ Write SQL scripts and procedures
‐ Perform analysis of SQL performance and optimisation

<Analysis & Requirements>
‐ Provide estimates of effort and delivery timeframes, and prioritise workload, for producing migration procedures, report extracts and interfaces.
‐ Demonstrate strong communication skills to translate development requests in order to accurately meet the information and deadline needs of customers.
‐ Collaborate with end users to gather data requirements and ensure proper testing and validation. Provide support to end users on standardised and ad hoc work requests.

<Technical Documentation & Consultation>
‐ Document solutions in sufficient detail to present to customers.
‐ Consult with customers on technical matters that are within the developer’s range of expertise

【Company Info】
World's leading supplier of software solutions and services for asset finance, leasing and fleet mobility management. Our software is used at a broad range of renowned leasing companies all over the world. With 30 years of experience, the company has developed unparalleled business expertise in the leasing and fleet management industry.

Required Skills

‐ 5年以上のデータベースSQLスクリプティング経験。企業環境での一般的なプログラミング経験、論理・分析スキル
‐ プロシージャと関数開発のためのT-SQLまたはPL/SQLでの実践経験。
‐ データ移行プロジェクト及び/又はレポート開発の経験
‐ SQLの開発と分析におけるMSSQLとOracle RDBMS両方の経験
‐ レポートツールの経験または知識:Crystal Reports、Microsoft SSRS、Jasper Reports
‐ WindowsとUNIX両方のスクリプト技術など、複数のプラットフォーム開発/サポート経験

‐ 5+ years database SQL scripting experience. Exposure to general programming experience in a corporate or professional environment; logical & analytical skills.
‐ Demonstrated experience with T-SQL or PL/SQL for developing Procedures and Functions.
‐ Experience working on Data Migration projects and/or Reports development
‐ Experience with both MSSQL and Oracle RDBMS for SQL development and analysis
‐ Experience with or knowledge of reporting tools: Crystal Reports, Microsoft SSRS, Jasper Reports.
‐ Multiple platform development / support experience, e.g., both Windows and UNIX scripting technologies

Preferred Skills