Senior Infrastructure Manager

Job Type
12,000,000 JPY - 17,400,000 JPY per year (negotiable based on experience)
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A global life insurance company, part of a famous insurance and asset management Group, is hiring a Senior Infrastructure Manager.

You will join the Service Delivery Division, the backbone of the company, responsible for creating, setting up and maintaining the IT infrastructure in the company.


As part of the company’s Vision 2020 activities, the Infrastructure Area is running an Infrastructure Migration Program to be completed by 2020.


The program consists of below interlinked projects/workstreams:

‐Azure Cloud migration (from private cloud)

‐AS400 core application relocation (core application/database is transited to new data center)

‐Data Center relocation (existing data center is transited to new data center)

‐Oracle migration (databases are ported from on-perm to cloud)

‐Network re-design/change (entire network is transited to newly designed network.)



Senior Infrastructure Manager is a senior but very hands-on leadership position. You will work with the Head of Infrastructure and Service Delivery Division Manager, to form the 3-person infrastructure management team, to lead and maintain the IT Infrastructure. The organization structure is flat. This position does not have any direct-reports, but requires teamwork.


【Reason for Hiring】

‐Strengthen infrastructure leadership and execution capabilities in the structure-flatten Service Delivery Division, where all members are either reporting to Head of infrastructure or SeD Division Manager.

‐This position does not have any direct report, but will work together with infrastructure Head and Division manager to provide leadership.

‐This position will report to infrastructure Head or Division Manager.

‐It is a hands-on all-rounder leadership/execution position.


【Future Career Path】

The position will lead to a higher leadership position within the IT organization.    



‐Together with the Head of Infrastructure and Service Delivery Division Manager, the Senior Infrastructure Manager will manage the infrastructure

‐Responsible for IT Infrastructure, primary and disaster recovery, both of external facing and internal

‐Providing leadership to around 30 engineering and project execution members, and number of consulting firms and vendors, to drive infrastructure projects and provide production support

‐Responsible for continuous operational improvements to reach the next level of excellence

‐Responsible for maintaining and updating Cloud and On-prem infrastructure roadmap

‐Managing IT operations and infrastructure budgets and assets

‐Responsible for providing financial transparency

‐Responsible for maintaining secured IT infrastructure

‐Report to Either Head of Infrastructure, or Division Manager







‐Azure Cloudマイグレーション(プライベートクラウドから)

‐AS400 コアアプリケーションのリロケーション(コアアプリケーション・データベースを新しいデータセンターに移行)

‐データセンターのリロケーション (既存のデータセンターが新しいデータセンタに移行)
























Required Skills

‐Solid infrastructure knowledge, in the area of Windows servers; Cloud (Azure or AWS), AS400, Oracle/SQL server, enterprise network

‐Infrastructure project experience, with capabilities to lead technical discussions

‐Soft skills, business skills and leadership skills

‐Candidates must be hands-on, pragmatic, down-to-the-earth, with can-do mentality

‐Relevant experience at Financial Industry (insurance industries preferred) 

-Leadership skills with capacity to provide guidance to members toward achieving the targets/plans of tasks, and to provide guidance/advice for improvements

-Encourage members to maximize contributions through teamwork

-Communication with capacity to explain technical issues in plain language

-Active listener with a flexible and open mind leading to productive conversation

-Pro-active with clear views for a good planning

-Self-starter with curiosity. Self-confidence to act

-Good negotiator


‐Windowsサーバーの分野におけるインフラの知識;Cloud (AzureまたはAWS)、AS400、Oracle/SQL サーバー、エンタープライズネットワーク