IT Support Engineer (12 open positions)

Job Type
5,000,000 JPY - 6,200,000 JPY per year (negotiable based on experience)
Japanese Level
English Level
Conversational (TOEIC 350)
Start Date


A famous global tech firm is seeking an IT Support Technician for its Fulfillment Centers, reporting to the IT Supervisor. This is a great opportunity for an individual who is looking to move into a specific technical career. You will have the opportunity to expand your technical abilities and be trained to take responsibility for certain equipment within the FC environment. The successful candidate will need to be able to coordinate the troubleshooting of complex problems involving telecommunications equipment configuration, revocation, wiring and organization (excluding advanced wiring). You will need to perform initial troubleshooting, and facilitate communication between the engineers and the users to see the issue through to its resolution. This company is known for its great employee benefits, rapid expansion, and career progression opportunities.



‐Allocation and maintenance of IT equipment, including check in/check out, troubleshooting, asset management, inventory control, and RMA

‐Testing of damaged equipment and control of RMA process

‐Shadowing Senior Technicians and providing assistance as needed

‐Helping with big projects which could include large floor moves/builds, network conversions, and general IT projects under the supervision of other technicians and the IT Supervisor

‐Support for Windows PCs and peripheral devices; troubleshooting, account permission management, training/orientation, asset management

‐Support for terminals (Linux, Windows CE) and peripheral devices (barcode reader, printer, etc.); troubleshooting, equipment verification, device relocation related work

‐Support for Linux servers, software, and network equipment (Cisco); troubleshooting, escalation to initial response teams and overseas teams

‐Manage and provide support for IT related equipment (racks, A/C, UPS, etc.) inside the computer room and distribution center


【Essential Functions】

(% of Time | Description of essential functions)

‐50% | Allocation and maintenance of IT equipment

‐10% | Troubleshooting technical problems

‐20% | Asset management & inventory control

‐5% | RMA of broken parts and devices

‐15% | Project team member on IT related projects








‐社内ヘルプデスクサポート: Windows PC及び周辺機器のサポート・トラブルシューティング / アカウント・パーミッション管理 / トレーニング・オリエンテーションの実施 / 資産管理等

‐配送センター内IT機器サポート: 端末(Linux, Windows CE)及び周辺機器(バーコードリーダー・プリンタ等)のサポート・トラブルシューティング / 機器検証作業 / 機器移設作業等

‐システム・ネットワーク関連サポート: Linuxサーバ-・ソフトウェア・ネットワーク機器(Cisco)等のサポート・トラブルシューティング・一次対応窓口及び海外チームへのエスカレーション

‐設備・環境関連サポート: 電算室内及び配送センター内のIT関連設備( ラック、A/C、UPS等 )の管理・サポート

‐各種プロジェクト: 配送センター内レイアウト変更等小規模プロジェクトから、新ビジネス開始に伴うシステム導入・新拠点立ち上げに伴うITインフラ導入等大規模プロジェクトまで



‐50% | IT機器の配備及び保守

‐10% | 技術的な問題のトラブルシューティング

‐20% | アセットマネジメント及び在庫管理

‐5% | 破損した部品及びデバイスのRMA

‐15% | IT関連プロジェクト


Required Skills

‐Basic hardware and software troubleshooting skills

‐Work experience in UNIX · LINUX environment or essential knowledge of LPIC - 1 level


‐UNIX・LINUX環境での業務経験もしくは LPIC-1程度の知識

Preferred Skills

‐Windows · Network (Cisco) support experience

‐Project management experience as a member

‐Experience with wireless network support

‐Voice system support experience

‐Equipment support experience