Senior Technical IT Security Engineer

Job Type
750,000 JPY – 1,040,000 JPY per month
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A leading Japanese finance group is seeking a bilingual Senior Technical IT Security Engineer, based in Tokyo, for their Global IT Security Department responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining IT Security Policy and strategy.

The team also provides oversight of cyber security & resilience program and services as the single point of contact for all Information Security & IT Security related queries, concerns and technologies providing a high standard of user/ business support in a responsive and timely manner.

Technologies and capabilities include, desktop & server environments (Unix), mobile technology, network &firewall devices, Endpoint security, IDS, Security Information and Event Monitoring solutions

Application and Penetration Testing Methodologies, Vulnerability management tools, Managed Security Providers (Security operations), Cyber Culture & Learning. Target threat hunting (Cyber hunting), Cyber threat intelligence.

Lead the Asia region in a number of key areas that are in flight globally
‐ Vulnerability management programme
‐ Managed Service Provider (incident response)
‐ Intrusion Detection intrusion (IDS)
‐ User behavior analytics
‐ Maintain the firm’s security, standards and guidelines
‐ Contribution to Information Security & IT Security strategy and promoting cyber culture across the organization
‐ Train and manage staff in the Global IT Security group as a domain lead

(Role has the scope to expand further into other key areas i.e. target threat hunting, red teaming)




- 脆弱性管理プログラム
- マネージドサービスプロバイダ(インシデント対応)
- 侵入検知侵入(IDS)
- ユーザー行動分析
- 自社のセキュリティ、基準およびガイドラインを維持する
- 情報セキュリティ&ITセキュリティ戦略に貢献し、組織全体のサイバーカルチャーを促進する
- グローバルITセキュリティグループのスタッフをドメインリードとしてトレーニングおよび管理する


Required Skills

‐ Experiences in IT Security/Information Security field
‐ Strong knowledge of endpoint and server platforms (windows, unix,) and network security within a corporate environment
‐ Experience in security consulting or advisory services in financial industry
‐ Hands-on experiences on operating vulnerability scanning tools, reporting and intrusion detection systems
‐ Knowledge on incident management and change management procedures & processes and working with strategic security management providers
‐ Self-starter and able to self-manage
‐ Strong team working abilities
‐ Must be able to take initiative to keep own skills up to date and to maintain awareness of developments in the information security/IT Security industry
‐ Ability to prepare accurate reports for all levels of staff in a language and tone appropriate to the audience
‐ Strong communication skills, ability to work comfortably with different regions
‐ Good team player, ability to work on a local, regional and global basis and as part of joint cross location initiatives
‐ Ability to self-manage task through to completion
‐ Able to perform under pressure
‐ Be able to manage staff as a group lead



‐ ITセキュリティ/情報セキュリティ分野での経験
‐ 企業環境内のエンドポイントとサーバープラットフォーム(Windows、Unix)、およびネットワークセキュリティの優れた知識
‐ 金融業界におけるセキュリティコンサルティングまたはアドバイザリーサービスの経験
‐ 脆弱性スキャンツール、レポートおよび侵入検知システムの運用に関する実務経験
‐ インシデント管理と変更管理の手順とプロセスに関する知識と戦略的セキュリティ管理プロバイダとの連携
‐ セルフスターターで自己管理が可能な方
‐ チームワークができる方
‐ 最新のスキルを維持し、情報セキュリティ/ITセキュリティ業界の発展に関する認識を維持するためのイニシアチブをとることができる方
‐ すべてのレベルのスタッフに対して、適した言語とトーンで正確なレポートを作成する能力
‐ コミュニケーション能力が高く、異なる地域で快適に作業できる方

Preferred Skills

‐ Project Management Processes
‐ IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
‐ CISSP, CISA, CISM or other recognized Information Security qualifications
‐ Any networking (Cisco), Microsoft (MSCE etc) or Unix / Linux (RHSE etc) security certifications
‐ Database and metric reporting experience



‐ プロジェクト管理プロセス
‐ CISSP、CISA、CISMまたはその他の認定情報セキュリティ資格
‐ ネットワーク(Cisco)、マイクロソフト(MSCEなど)、Unix / Linux(RHSEなど)のセキュリティ認定
‐ データベースとメトリックのレポート作成の経験