Practice Manager (Data warehouse product)

Job Type
Based on experience
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


A global CRM provider is currently hiring a director for their complete Commercial Data Warehouse and Reporting solution for Medical Representatives in the Japanese Pharmaceutical industry. The ground-up solution is designed and developed specifically for the Japanese market, based on Multi-Tenant cloud technology as well as industry standard Sales & Marketing data. As the market owner of this solution, you will play a key role on our Japan Commercial team. You will continuously evaluate and evolve the market strategy as a cloud-based Data Warehouse & Reporting solution in Japan, enabling a single source of truth for all Commercial data (e.g. CRM activities, Sales & Marketing data etc.).


In this role, you will be expected to communicate the company’s vision and product capabilities with leading life sciences companies globally and work on strategy and approaches with customers. You will also closely align with multiple internal stakeholders such as Marketing, Sales, Product Management, and Services. Stakeholder management is key in this role to enable rapid successful customer adoption of the company's products.


【Main Responsibilities】

‐Develop & own the strategy for the Commercial Data Warehouse and Reporting solution

‐Work closely with the Data and CRM/Vault product teams to ensure product roadmap is in line with industry priorities

‐Work closely with product team(US/JP) and Sales teams to refine and develop the value proposition and messaging for our offerings

‐Effectively understand and communicate the evolving solution value proposition to Senior-level stakeholders (Local and Global) in Life Sciences and collaborate with the Sales teams to drive growth

‐Work closely with Marketing to create campaigns that create awareness and interest among target audiences





‐ 商用データウェアハウスおよびレポーティングソリューションの戦略を開発する
‐ データおよびCRM/Vault製品チームと緊密に連携し、製品のロードマップを業界の優先事項と一致させる
‐ 製品チーム(US/JP)およびセールスチームと緊密に連携し、自社製品の価値提案とメッセージングを洗練し、開発する
‐ 進化するソリューション価値提案を理解し、ライフサイエンスのシニアレベルの関係者(ローカルおよびグローバル)に効果的に伝え、セールスチームと協力して成長を推進する
‐ マーケティングと緊密に連携して、ターゲットユーザーの意識と関心を高めるキャンペーンを作成する



Required Skills

‐Critical Thinking for Business development in Cloud-based Business Process Outsourcing Solution for a specific industry

‐Planning and executing new offering with entrepreneurial mindset

‐Leading and managing virtual team with influence



‐ 特定の業界向けクラウドベースのビジネスプロセスアウトソーシングソリューションにおけるビジネス開発のためのクリティカルな考え方ができる方
‐ 起業家の発想で新しい提案を計画し実行する
‐ 影響力をもって仮想チームのリーディングと管理ができる方

Preferred Skills

‐Pharmaceutical industry and Commercial data Knowledge

‐Enterprise Software(Cloud) business development

‐Data Business experience



‐ 製薬業界と商用データの知識
‐ 企業向けソフトウェア(クラウド)ビジネスの開発経験
‐ データビジネス経験