Image Delivery Platform Development Engineer

Job Type
8,000,000 JPY - 10,000,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date


As senior image service delivery engineer at global E-commerce company, the responsibilities span in storage engineering, CDN engineering and image optimization area in addition to operational duties.

1. Creating effective storage strategies (File and Object Store) using ‘Storage as a Software’
2. Designing and creating ‘Image Data Store’ which is highly optimized for speed, reliability, availability and cost. Design should facilitate operational automation and self-healing of IDS.
3. Evaluating various products (Storage, Image Optimization, CDN), conducting comparative studies of alternate technologies, PoC exercises, benchmark tests
4. Maintaining IDS from a day-to-day operations/maintenance perspective;
  ‐ Establish standards and KPI for the IDS
  ‐ Configure and maintain monitoring components including system/application alerting and logging
  ‐ Build operational and monitoring checklists to maintain the IDS (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly checklists); including performance management and reporting
  ‐ Build Standard Operating Processes (SOPs) associated with Storage Service checklists
  ‐ Provide daily execution and oversight of the IDS
  ‐ Subject Matter Expert of current state and interface with Modernization branch for future enhancements of the IDS
  ‐ Oversight of vulnerability and remediation process associated with the IDS
  ‐ Perform full operational duties, including shift work - production systems monitoring and incident detection and response while proactively involving both developers and business side resources
5. Managing overall DLC (Data Life Cycle) of image repository from acquisition, archiving, backup, retention and destruction
6. Addressing Capacity Management and issues
7. Providing effective backup and Disaster recovery strategy fulfilling SLAs and RTO and RPO
8. Becoming a subject matter expert and maintaining the availability of IDS

Required Skills

‐ Experience in Linux systems administration and troubleshooting on production platform environments
‐ Experience in using scripting (Ruby, Python, shell scripting or Perl) to automate server operations
‐ Basic understanding of network technologies such as TCP/IP
‐ Good understanding and web programing experience: HTML, CSS, JavaScript; HTTP protocol, HTTP headers; HTTPS: Basic understanding of TLS protocol and SSL cert management;
‐ CDN implementation and performance improvement experience
‐ Experience in implementing and optimizing storage and backup infrastructure
‐ Experience in managing enterprise level NAS environments
‐ Familiarity with storage solutions like Ceph, Ganesha, Gluster, Nexenta, Swift.
‐ Experience with designing and operating CDN (contents delivery network) solutions.
‐ Desire to improve CDN, Storage and Application skills to become SME in IDS.
‐ Experience in supporting applications which rely on CDN providers like Akamai, Fastly, Lime Light.
‐ Experience in designing and conducting benchmark, PoC and AB tests for alternate technologies.
‐ Bachler’s Degree and relevant experience.

Preferred Skills

‐ Experience working in a web related service operations including monitoring and troubleshooting
‐ Experience in managing enterprise level SAN, CAS and backup environments
‐ Experience working in E-Commerce industry
‐ Solid knowledge of server-side JAVA technologies
‐ Experience in server-side web service application development (JAVA, PHP, Ruby)
‐ In-depth experience using, configuring and deploying software with CI tools, e.g. Jenkins
‐ Experience in infrastructure automation tools such as Chef and Puppet
‐ In-depth experience configuring, deploying and troubleshooting front end web access like Apache, Nginx and Tomcat
‐ Data centers, network routing troubleshooting & configuring, web servers related experience.
‐ Experience working with various platform monitoring technologies and tools including SNMP trapping, MRTG, Nagios, Graphite, Grafana, Elastic Search, LogStash and Graylog
‐ Experience in administrating NAS appliance storage software such as NetApp, EMC
‐ Strong technical writing skills
‐ Knowledge and experience with cloud and container based architecture