Job Type
6,000,000 JPY - 10,000,000 JPY per year (negotiable based on experience)
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Start Date


Fantastic opportunity to further your career at a top tier Japanese financial institution! If you have the skills as well as a desire to succeed then you are encouraged to apply.


You will play a key role in developing, maintaining, and user support of a brand new, proprietary built, low latency, high frequency, systematic, equity trading platform.


This is a truly unique type opportunity currently not available anywhere else in Tokyo.


The financial firm's front office is looking for a skilled Engineer with experience in developing multi-threaded Unix/Linux server side applications in C++. Initially, primary responsibility will be developing exchange connectivity components for their next generation equity trading platform, covering Japan markets.


Candidate must be comfortable with whole application development cycle (design, development, testing/debugging/profiling/deployment), must have experience with the IP stack under Linux (TCP, UDP).






金融機関のフロントオフィスにて、C ++を使用して、マルチスレッドUnix / Linuxサーバー側アプリケーションを開発した経験を持つ熟練したエンジニアを探しています。






Required Skills

‐ Multithreaded Unix/Linux server side applications in C++‐


- C ++を使用した、マルチスレッドUnix / Linuxサーバー側アプリケーション開発に関するご経験

Preferred Skills

‐ Experience developing exchange connectivity software

‐ Experience optimizing applications handling network communications for latency/throughput

‐ Experience in one or more interpreted languages (e.g. Python, Perl)

‐ Experience writing applications communicating with Oracle databases

‐ Experience with Linux kernel bypass technology

‐ Experience with messaging middleware products (e.g. Informatica Ultra Messaging, Tibco RV, ZeroMQ)

‐ Experience developing desktop applications in C#


- 為替取引接続ソフトウェア開発に関するご経験

- 待ち時間/スループットのネットワーク通信を処理するアプリケーションの最適化

- 1つ以上のインタプリタ言語(例:Python、Perl)での経験

- Oracleデータベースと通信するアプリケーションを作成する経験

- Linuxカーネルバイパス技術の経験

- メッセージングミドルウェア製品(例:Informatica Ultra Messaging、Tibco RV、ZeroMQ)に関するご経​​験

- C#を使用してデスクトップアプリケーションを開発したご経験