IT Officer

Job Type
Japanese Level
Advanced (JLPT Level 1)
English Level
Advanced (TOEIC 860)
Start Date









‐サーバ構築、運用及び Active Directoryによる管理、運用




‐Excel VBA、Access DB等を用いた業務関連フォーム、データベース等の作成、管理、運用





A well-established multinational inspection, product testing and certification company is looking to hire an in-house IT staff to expand our market share in Japan.


【Main Responsibilities】

‐Communication with overseas offices

‐Server construction and operation; management and operation using Active Directory

‐Management and operation of internal PCs, networks, mail service, IT equipment, and PBX, etc.

‐Management and operation of security system

‐Backup data management, recovery and disaster countermeasures, and operation log management, etc.

‐Creation, management, and operation of business related forms using Excel VBA, Access DB, etc.

‐General IT help desk operations in group companies

‐Operation management of domestic/overseas shared services

‐Any work related to the introduction of new products, systems, etc.

Required Skills

‐Microsoft Server及びActive Directoryの知識、運用経験、WAN/LANの管理運用経験


‐Excel VBA、コマンドプロンプト、TCP/IPの知識

‐何らかの新規導入経験 (例:Office 365など、)



‐Knowledge / operation experience with Microsoft Server and Active Directory; WAN/LAN management experience

‐Internal PC management and user support experience

‐Excel VBA, command prompt, TCP/IP knowledge

‐Any introduction experience (i.e. Office 365, etc.)

‐Vendor selection/control experience

Preferred Skills


‐Google Analyticsを活用した実務経験

‐Microsoft Office Specialist 資格所持者

‐情報処理技術者試験 ITパスポート試験、基本情報技術者試験 合格者


‐Product selection/outsourcing experience

‐Experience using Google Analytics

‐Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

‐Successfully passed Japan Information- Technology Engineers Examination, IT Passport, Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination, etc.