Administration & Systems

Job Type
7,000,000 JPY - 8,500,000 JPY per year
Japanese Level
English Level
Intermediate (TOEIC 600)
Start Date


Exciting opportunity to work in an upscale, professional, and friendly environment! This world famous insurance company is looking for someone that wishes to take their career to the next step. The ideal candidate should have good communication and business analysis skills along with system development/enhancement capabilities. In addition to system setup, application development and technical support, this role will be involved in reviewing cross functional operation processes to identify the bottle neck of the entire process.



‐Process Re-engineering and End User Computing.

‐Business Analysis and Master Data Administration.

‐Setting up the risk/premium calculation.

‐Setting up the data mapping.

‐Other system supports.




‐ プロセスリエンジニアリングとエンドユーザコンピューティング
‐ ビジネス分析とマスターデータ管理
‐ リスク/保険料の計算設定
‐ データマッピングの設定
‐ 他システムのサポート

Required Skills

‐Experience business application engineering as a designer, developer or tester in financial institution (insurance company)

‐Experience with end user computing support (direct support/communication to the end users is required)

‐Strong skills for standard SQL

‐Programming experience with Oracle PL/SQL

‐Skills and knowledge of Microsoft Excel/Access



‐ 金融機関(保険会社)にて設計者、開発者またはテスターとして業務アプリケーションの経験をお持ちの方
‐ エンドユーザーコンピューティングサポートの経験(直接のサポート/エンドユーザーとのコミュニケーション経験必須)
‐ 標準SQLの優れたスキル
‐ Oracle PL / SQLでのプログラミング経験
‐ Microsoft Excel / Accessのスキルと知識

Preferred Skills

‐Senior System Administrator/System Administrator (JITEC)

‐Oracle Master Certificate

‐Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate

‐Insurance knowledge



‐ シニアシステム管理者/システム管理者(JITEC)
‐ オラクルマスター資格
‐ Microsoft Office Specialist資格
‐ 保険の知識