Refferal Campaign 2017

~Help us help you!~

Introduce your friends who are working as IT professionals and start earning.

Earn 2,000 JPY gift card for each IT professional you refer plus two raffle tickets. Your raffle tickets will go towards a chance to win an iPad Pro, Roomba, or a 100,000 JPY Travel Certificate (your pick)!

Terms and Conditions
Overview Earn 2,000 JPY (gift certificate) + 2 raffle tickets for each referee that officially registers
Refer 5 candidates and earn 10,000 JPY (gift certificate) + 10 raffle tickets
Chance to win an iPad Pro, Roomba, or a 100,000 JPY Travel Certificate
Qualification Requirements 1. Your referral must have an IT background (1+ year experience)
2. For this campaign, only referrals for new, first time registrations will apply.
3. Referrer must be registered with us (If you aren’t, please register by May 30th, 2017).
Categories IT professionals are welcome. Please register at Skillhouse!
(1+ year experience) such as:
System Engineer / Application Developer / Application Support ・QA
Desktop・Helpdesk / Network・IT Security / Server Administrator
Database Administrator / Business Analyst・Consultant / Project Manager
Project Coordinator / IT Manager・Director / Web Producer・Designer
How to Apply Apply via Skillhouse website, email, or contact your candidate coordinator.
[Skillhouse Web application] ⇒ here
※Have your friend enter your name as the referrer. (At “How did you hear about us?” section) In the memo section, please enter “Referral campaign”
[Email application] ⇒here
※Have your friend send their resume to Skillhouse Recruitment with your name and email address with the campaign name “Referral campaign”.
Closing Date 2017/7/31 (Mon) 23:59
Receiving of the prize The prize will be sent to the winner.
Contact Please contact here, regarding this campaign
Conditions 1) To participate in this campaign, introduce your referral by email or submit the introduction to a Skillhouse staff member. If the referral candidate has previously registered with Skillhouse or has had contact with Skillhouse they will not be considered eligible for this campaign.
2) Only referrals made during the campaign period will be eligible.
3) The 2,000 yen referral rewards will be presented in the form of a gift certificate. Please understand you cannot choose the maker of the gift certificate. The prize cannot be applied as funds added to your salary. The referral reward will be presented early September.
4) We will use either Phone numbers or Email addresses to contact the candidates about this campaign. If the given contact information is invalid, the candidate will lose the eligibility for this campaign.
5) Please be aware it may be necessary to have the referral candidate come to Skillhouse to complete registration and undergo reference checks. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
6) Skillhouse reserves the right not to register any individual if it so chooses.
7) Referral introductions of corporate entities will not qualify for this campaign.
8) Referral candidates must be eligible to working in Japan.
9) The registration process must be done by the registering candidates. If the introductions were made to unlimited/unknown person or persons you will be subject to exclusion from this campaign.
10)The consequences of misrepresenting one’s personal or employment history, etc. will result in exclusion from this campaign and exclusion from future employment opportunities with Skillhouse.
11) Personal information related to this campaign will be properly handled based on the Skillhouse Privacy Policy. For details, please check here.